Pre-Extender Ruck @f3themutt

I had the Q juice flowing this morning….weird. I wasn’t Qing the Extender, and I’m not qualified to Q a ruck. This is only my 3rd ruck, and my rucksack is an 18 year old raggedy Spanish backer filled (on this morning) with laundry detergent and a Tory Burch coffee table book. I later threw in some thick work pamphlets to bring her up to 20-teenish pounds.

None of this is really important, other than to say I’m a casual Rucker, and had been a skeptic. Partly, because my last ruck was in March at 4:45 am in 7 inches of snow. I know. You’re dying to sign up.

But I now love rucking. It’s fun. You don’t have to have all the latest gear (but I will be reaching out to Gypsy….errr…Swifty) to get a plate.) The “grab the heaviest stuff you see as you walk out the door technique” isn’t working. Best part about rucking is the 2rd F. Of all the F’s – this is my best! By far. By a lot. Like a whole lot! Trying to be better at the 3st F, and if you’re actually reading this B.B.-then you know how deficient I am on the 1nd F. Anyhow, here’s what went down:



Left 👁




Glenn Ross


😡 🐄


Best weather of the year. 55 and gloomy.


Everyone but me had awesome Ruck stuff on. My short and shirts matched the Extender flag though. More on that later.

Tank tops:

1 more than they had at the O pre ruck. Hi Gillespie.


Rucked for 2.5ish miles in 40ish minutes. Fun. Laughed. Learned about others. Smiled. Relaxed. Rucking is fun. Give it a try.

Naked Moleskin? I think that’s what it’s called

I can’t do much around the house. Tool box is the top drawer next to our computer. Consists of a Hammer, a few screwdrivers, a flashlight with dead batteries, and a cool Swiss army like tool that we use once a year to open toys at Christmas that are locked up like Ft. Knox.

So when Zartan strongly encouraged me to make a flag….I was avoiding him like Orange Theory. Then he dropped off a pre drilled shovel in my yard. It stayed under my portico for a bit. I was intimidated. Then Glenn Ross offered his bank’s graphics designer to help me with the flag. Welp. Guess I should design something…..still intimidated. Then the flag came in. Crap. I need sandpaper. And spray paint. And gorilla glue. And letters….wait…no I don’t need letters. Glenn dropped those off in my mailbox. Hand holding much? Yes. I’m needy. And a flag pole. And lacquer. And a hacksaw. The hacksaw I purchased could saw off a shotgun according to the sketchy Home Depot dude that help me.

No more excuses. It’s time to go to work. I really had a lot of fun building this flag. I also thought a lot about the extender’s name sake; Erik – who passed away far too early. In a weird way, building that flag gave me a strong sense of accomplishment…and felt like a cool way to keep Erik’s spirit and zest for life front and center each and every Thursday. He’d a killed F3. Eaten it up.

Special thanks to my M for putting the letters on sorta straight, and to my 2.0’s peeling the letters until I made them stop cuz….they not so good at it. It was cool seeing how much my family realizes how much this means to me. Total team effort. I basically spray painted one coat, and told Everyone I did it by myself. And a Big thanks to Zartan for coming over late last night, having a sculpin and basically doing all the hard stuff. HIM. I got 4 hours of sleep last night. Planting that flag at The Mutt this morning gave me all the juice I needed for the ruck, the beatdown, and the day!

Hope to see you Vruckers in the gloom soon!!


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