BB 04/09: The Incubator: All PAX are champions today #wheresflounder #airplanehaslanded


It was good to see a strong PAX showing after the spring break “break” that many PAX decided to partake in last week.  Particularity, the PAX now known as Flounder made his debut post at his new AO home.. A little late, but still there.  Think he should update his TOM TOM to the most up to date setting instead of sending him through Simpsonville..  And an appearance from Airplane.. always a good sighting to pick up a new member to the AO.  Sorry, Mutt… It’s awfully poshie out here.

Q Glauc

PAX: Kilo, StarChild, Gypsy, Flounder, Airplane, Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Uncle Rico, Bob Ross, Snowman, PK

Mosey with kendra newmans, high knees, butt kicks around lot and back to flag.

12 cherry pickers (IC)

Hamstring hold (40 second count from pax)

An ultimately awesome total body stretch combination @benkiloclark tweeted out the night before and I decided to add.  Just like the video.. “it’ll get you good and lubed up”  It did.

“Soul on Fire”  SSH through song, burpee every time “soul on fire” is said.  A nice warm up that never gets old

Mosey to North side of egg lawn (pick up flounder on the way)

1:4 Merkins: should taps (1:4 – 10:40)  woof..  10 second Breaks after 5,  7, 9 and 10 .. The day I get decent at those and complete without stoping is the day I wear a captain insano tank.

mosey to the honeyhole

Pick up two rocks:  One larger 12 – 18 lbs and one smaller (4-8lbs) you can hold in your hand

1:4:4:4        1) squat with shoulder press while holding heavy rock  2) apollo ono’s (while holding rock at chest)   Go to plank, holding lighter rock  3) Merkin rows  (right) 4) Merkin rows (left)

1:4:4:4  through 5:20:20:20   (skipped 6:24 and 7:28)  8:32:32:32 through 10:40:40:40  (for timing

I had no idea how this would go and it was tough, not too tough.. but good. Think all enjoyed.. maybe?

mosey back to house of pain for Mary:

20 LBC (legs on ground) , 20 LBC, 20 LBC (right leg out) , 20 LBC (left leg out) , 20 Big Marge.  100! (Full lbc) , 15 left side plank dips, 15 right side plank dips.

COT: Announcement about convergence coming up.. shirt order.. Flounder introduced himself and how he thought gypsy was  looking better/trimmer just because his wife was feeding him more salads.  little did he know….

Prayer… serenity prayer.

Glauc Out!!

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