Black Ops-AO: North Posh-THE WALL

8 HIMs got out of their comfort zone and into the DANGER ZONE with Iceman ITG.

Q-Iceman (r)


McAfee, Pew Pew, Huggies, Nino, Jitter Bug(r), Mr. Hat, Flounder

Mosey in a circle to parking lot

COP- SSHs 20, Grass Grabbers 20, Arm Circles, mountain climbers 20, Abe Bigodas 20

Mosey to hill

Thang 1

13s- Merkins top, air squats bottom, Q was over zealous modified to Crazy 8’s due to time and likelihood of Merlot.

Long mosey to lower parking lot

Knocked out some dips halfway picking up the 6.

Thang 2

Cone jumps

Burpee-jack 13’s



Burpee-jack 13’s


Cone square

Burpee-jack 13’s

Thang 3

Mosey to trail steps up hill

Bear crawl push-ups… all the way up. You have to do it to appreciate. Do bears shit in the woods.. well this Q sadly almost did so unfortunately had to bail on some of the crawling due to the adnormal pressure on the important parts and my lack of toilet paper..

Thang 4

Mosey to gazebo


Box Jumps


Mosey/run back to parking lot


LBCs, Flutter, Boxcutter, JackWeb, 5-20 big boys, 10-100 Air Press

COT- The 6 was Jitter Bug who shared an incredible story about his son who is 100 pounds and deadlifts 1000 so the Pax in true fashion named him Jitter Bug after his daughter who apparently dances. The Pax is getting stronger everyday and with every new FNG. No man left behind , leave no man where you found him- in fitness, faith and fellowship.

The big question now is how did we do this in 45 minutes? The answer… we didn’t, but it’s a Black Ops, right:-)? Who’s counting… goal is to cut it down to one hour for a Saturday launch.

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