4/25 Blender BackBlast

PAX: 10, Glen Ross (Q), Tron, SumpPump, PED, Mouth, Vincent (Respect), Hamm, Nugget, Left Eye, Geppetto

Conditions: 54 (forgot to check- see Bob’s BackBlast)

So when I saw that Bob Ross had the Q at the Bridge, I knew I needed to sign up and Q at the Blender.  With just 2 Wednesday options, the Ross brothers would treat the Louisville Pax to Identical beatdown at 2 separate locations.  Unfortunately, none of this is true.  I wish I would have thought of this, but honestly thought we had a Q already lined up.  I realized  early in the morning we didn’t but no worries, I’m a planner and always keep an emergency weinke in the car.

Disclaimer was given and we made our way around the school.  3 separate stops for 10 BOYOs.  Completed the loop and did quick warm up.  30 second elbow plank/ then 10 prisoner jump squats.  Repeat 3 times and wrap up warm up.  Also promised Pax that we were done with running and burpees.

Next, everyone grab 2 coupons and line up in the parking lot for 40 yard dash.  Begin with bear crawl to first coupon then 20 coupon curls, then bear crawl to the next coupon and do 20 bench presses.  Finish last ten yards with bear crawl.

Next go back,  doing lunges in between and upping the the amounts to 30 and 30.

Repeated this once more.

Next changed out the curls and presses for Rows and Overhead Presses.  Same set up as above.  Start with bear crawl, then 20 and  20.  Then repeat going back with lunges and increased the amount to 30/30

Did this for about 20 minutes but decided to move on.  Put the coupons up and then circled back up for burpees. Pax was not happy about more burpees as I already told them we were done with burpees.  As Glauc would say, sorry, not sorry.  But really I did forget and did apologize.  So we moseyed over to the courtyard but first stopped for 20 ace and Gary’s.  We had even numbers so I had to throw in 20 big boys/ while partner holds partners legs and planks.  Not sure where Zoo found this one, but it was much safer in the winter when everyone had tights on.  Next we made our way back to the courtyard for dips and derkins.  We did 20/20 aka Barbara Walters, then 15/15 and cooled down with10/10.  With 7 minutes left we made our way back to the flags for Mary.

It was wet, but no more Mary in the parking lot.  We did 20 (ic) LBCs, 20 (ic) American Hammers, 20(ic) Freddie Mercs and 20(ic) Gas Pumps.  Three minutes left we did another set but lowered the amount to 15 (ic) for all.

COT: I apologized to the guys for not getting out a pre-blast, even offered up my site Q resignation- but they wouldn’t accept.  Crap, I’m starting to think nobody is going to want this job.  Also, going to have some breaking news for the Blender next week.  Stay tuned.

Announcements: get to mellow today, and get out this Saturday and post.  Intentions for all those struggling right now and for those battling illness.  Ended with prayer- be kind, be thankful and go crush the day.


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