5/1/18 Bag of Wrenches BackBlast #TestingDay #ThreeMinutesOfHeaven


QIC: Wham!

17 PAX: Pope; Buschhhhhhh; Diablo; Vincent (Respect); Big Bird; Peach; Donger; Lamb; Scratch; Loco; Fall Guy (Respect); Gillespie; Who Dey!; Lily (FNG); Digiorno; Pocahantas (DR Pax); Wham!

Time: 0530

Weather: Clear and 50 Degrees (perfecto)

Playing Surface: Firm Ground, Damp Grass (as my notebook of testing results learned)

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Kilo Highlighter Yellow Champion Shirt; Gray Champion Shorts with Matching Kilo Highlighter Yellow Stripes; F3 Louisville Hoorag; Gray/Orange Balega Mohair Quarter Cut Running Socks; Gray Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Black Nike lifting gloves with exposed fingers

I am typically very excited about my Qs, but this one was a bit different because it was scheduled to begin approximately 45 hours after the conclusion of the 14 hour overnight GrowRuck Tough I did in Toledo this past weekend.  Needless to say, as of yesterday afternoon, I was still exhausted, extremely sore and lacking motivation to come up with a suitable Weinke for my fellow PAX at the O.  Then, out of nowhere, Captain Insane-o, who was Q’ing at the Carpenter this morning, came swooping in to the rescue with an idea based on something we did in Toledo.  It involved testing of certain PT exercises for a specified amount of time and/or to a certain number of reps to see how you measured up with not only yourself but others in the group.  We did this during the GrowRuck sometime in the middle of the night (we weren’t allowed to wear watches) in a school parking lot at some undisclosed location in Toledo.  It was lovely.  [Side note: We also did something during the GrowRuck called an Elephant Walk which I have been sworn not so speak about but I will say that as a result of it, I am now much closer to Diablo and Methane on an intimate level].

Anyway, during the PT Testing, Cadre Danny mentioned that one thing F3 workouts were often missing was testing of how much you are improving over time.  He suggested that we think about doing this during future Qs, and luckily, CI was less dazed than me at that point of the night and so he remembered this suggestion and proposed that we (along with Mad Cow at the Rooster) incorporate it into our Qs today.  That sounded perfect to me, so thus, my Weinke was born.

With much to do and only 45 minutes to do it, at 0530 we moved straight to the tennis courts for a quick version of COP:

  1. Grass Grabbers x 20 IC
  2. Copperhead Squats x 20 IC
  3. Kendra Newmans Forward/Backward, Small/Big (partially IC, partially OYO)
  4. Plank (regular, left arm up, right arm up, down on elbows)

The Thang
My Plan was to have the PAX do a certain exercise in 3 minute intervals and then mosey to another spot for the next exercise in 3 minute intervals.  I am also partial to running during my Qs and so rather than just stay in the friendly confines of the O loop, I took the PAX on a jog through the adjacent Seneca Park neighborhood during part of the WO.  Below is what we did, along with the scores of each PAX, where applicable.  See the F3 Louisville website complaint page if you believe your score was incorrectly recorded.  [Side Note: Pope’s numbers are real and they are spectacular].

1. Wham!- 35
2. Digiorno- 40
3. Vincent- 46
4.  Who Dey!- 38
5. Gillespie- 38
6. Peach- 34
7. Scratch- 39
8. Pope- 60
9. Lily- 30
10. Lamb- 31
11. Pocahantas- 39
12. Buschhh- 43
13. Big Bird- 42
14. Fall Guy- 30
15. Diablo- 35

1. Wham!- 107
2. Digiorno- 95
3. Vincent- 86
4. Who Dey!- 80
5. Gillespie- 108
6. Peach- 90
7. Scratch- 92
8. Pope- 147
9. Lily- 61
10. Lamb- 77
11. Pocahantas- 87
12. Buschhh- 109
13. Big Bird- 95
14. Fall Guy- 66
15. Diablo- 135
16. Donger- 100
17. Loco- 77 (with self-proclaimed perfect form)

Big Boy Situps
1. Wham!- 62
2. Digiorno- 90
3. Vincent- 91
4. Who Dey!- 76
5. Gillespie- 78
6. Peach- 65
7. Scratch- 80
8. Pope- 97
9. Lily- 75
10. Lamb- 74
11. Pocahantas- ? (I somehow didn’t write down his score for this one.  Damn it.)
12. Buschhh- 89
13. Big Bird- 82
14. Fall Guy- 85
15. Diablo- 84
16. Donger- 68
17. Loco- 78

Dips (on bridge in neighborhood)
1. Wham!- 123
2. Digiorno- 167
3. Vincent- 156
4. Who Dey!- 105
5. Gillespie- 144
6. Peach- 130
7. Scratch- 126
8. Pope- 202
9. Lily- 71
10. Lamb- 87
11. Pocahantas- 127
12. Buschhh- 148
13. Big Bird- 127
14. Fall Guy- 110
15. Diablo- 170
16. Donger- 142

Coupon Curls
1. Wham!- 86
2. Digiorno- 110
3. Vincent- 114
4. Who Dey!- 102
5. Gillespie- 101
6. Peach- 104
7. Scratch- 110
8. Pope- 175
9. Lily- 77
10. Lamb- 83
11. Pocahantas- 95
12. Buschhh- 130
13. Big Bird- 108
14. Fall Guy- 80
15. Diablo- 128
16. Donger- 73

Tennis Court Sprints (across all 4 courts and back equals 1 rep)
1. Wham!- 6
2. Digiorno- 6
3. Vincent- 5
4. Who Dey!- 5
5. Gillespie- 6
6. Peach- 5
7. Scratch- 5
8. Pope- 6
9. Lily- 6
10. Lamb- 6
11. Pocahantas- 6
12. Buschhh- 7
13. Big Bird- 6
14. Fall Guy- 5
15. Diablo- 6
16. Donger- 4
17. Loco- Somewhere between 6 and 8 (this will be highly debated for years to come)

We finished at approximately 6:17, and so I told the PAX I would give them a 2 minute credit at my next Q (probably not going to happen).

My plan is to run this same WO back a few months from now and see if/how the PAX have improved, so I will give a heads up before I do this again in case any of the PAX who posted today want to do it again.

Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, and then we named the FNG who was HL’d by his boss while both of them are in town for business this week.  Given the fact that it was Derby week, we decided to give him a Derby-related name and so after much debate, we settled on Lily in honor of the signature (female) drink of the Oaks.  Major T-Claps to Lily’s boss, Pocahantas, who is a DR Pax from Greensboro ,North Carolina and was celebrating his 6 month F3 anniversary today.  Below is a picture of our two visitors, both of whom hail from the hallowed F3 grounds of North Carolina.  Please come back again guys!


YHC gave a quick thanks to the PAX for giving me the energy to Q today even though my body was telling me it was a bad idea and then I closed things out with a prayer to the Sky Q.  Until next time HIMs…


2 thoughts on “5/1/18 Bag of Wrenches BackBlast #TestingDay #ThreeMinutesOfHeaven

  1. Best part of the WO was cheering Buschhhhhhh on to get his 7th court sprint when I had nothing left to give. You vs you, teammates carry individuals, be the best you can be.

    Liked by 1 person

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