BB Bayside 5/19: 100 yards of fun


Maybe I need Gearlander help with this one.  First.. I snagged a deal at the nike outlet a few weeks ago for some new workout shorts ( inseam unknown). Interestingly, they have this “liner” on the inside.  My biggest question this am (and everytime thus far) is whether to go “free willy” under the shorts with the built in silky undies (lining)  or “double up” and go undies + built in lining.  A few thoughts on this..  Free Willy just feels weird, the fact that they are a silky fabric is even more strange.  Secondly, doubling up is just awkward and can create the bunching affect.  Thoughts?  anyone else have this same problem??  I  think I should cut out the extra lining… Read on

Glauc Q

PAX: Gilly, Spokey Doke, Six Pack, Cochran (late arrival)

Mosey to rear of the school to the “football field”

COP:  Hamsting hold (waterfall count), Plank stretching, 20 Merkins (Single Count)

The Thang:

Start at the Goal line:  moved in 10 yard intervals, to get there, we lunge walked to get  to the next yard line..  @ each 10 yard interval we did the following

10 :  10 Burpees

20: 20 Merkins

30:  30 Copperhead Squats

40: 40 Merkins

50:  50 Courtesy Lunge

60: 60 sec side plank hold (each side)

70: 70 Shoulder Taps 🙂

80: SSH (IC)

90: LBC (OYO)

100:  100 seconds elbow plank hold  …

Round 2:  Same sorta sequence as above, but ran to the yard marker, completed the exercise, then bernie sanders back to the goal line…

10:  10 Burpees

20: 20 Merkins

30: 30 Copperhead squats

40: 40 Merkins

50: 50 Apollo Ono’s

skipped 60 🙂

70: 70 Shoulder Taps

80: 80 calf raises

90: 90 air presses

100: 100 sec plank hold


mosey’d (slow) back to flag.  wwwwaaaiiiitttt…. PAX Cochran pulls up!   Do COT and end in serenity prayer.

I could not disappoint for cochran 1) it was my first time meeting him and 2) he came to bayside… major props. Thanks man.   We did a long mosey around the school and repeated 100 yard sequence #1 from above.. I was beat and had to get home. Cochran pulled out another rep like above.


Glauc OUT!

2 thoughts on “BB Bayside 5/19: 100 yards of fun

  1. I wear compression shorts when working out. Never had the liner to deal with, usually have Nike basketball shorts.

    Good work!


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