5.23 The Tank Back Blast

Pax (17): Star Child, Crash, Eastwood, Snowday, Aerobie (R), Weedwacker, Flounder, Vincent (R), KY Genie, Piggy, Looney, Peek a boo, Newman, Kilo, Tony Malito, Rhythm, Hot Wheels (VQ)

Sitting at the Airport Sunday night, I started writing things down, I had no idea if this would fill the time, be to easy, or just what to expect, so I went with it. I adjusted a few things along the way from my original plan but I know by the end I was spent so thanks to the Pax that helped me through the Mary at the end!

Started with a mosey down to the lower parking lot, the COP.

COP – SSH, Imperial Walkers, Ave Vigodas, Grass Grabbers.

Then something from my past, Circle Merkins. After fumbling around for a minute trying to get situated it was clear this wasn’t gonna work, so thanks to Flounder, we called an audible and lined up instead. Each person had their feet on the shoulders of the person behind them, then Merkins together. We did 10 of these, and a lot harder than I remember. But I have an idea for the next time I Q with this. (Think Indian Run but Merkin Style) If none of that makes sense, come out next time I, Q and you will get to see first hand.

Then a short Mosey back to the Rock Steps/Seats for Dips and Box Jumps. 1 dip/10 box jumps, 2 dips/9 box jumps, 3 dips/8 box jumps. You get the idea. Until 10 dips/1 box jump.

Another short Mosey back to the big lot for some partner suicides. With partner it was a Wheel Barrel to the first line, 10 decline merkins(derkins?) then Bernie Sanders back, piggy back your partner to the next line, then 10 Whirly Birds(not even gonna try to explain this) then piggy back.

With a little extra time, we added a merkin suicide. Run to first line for diamond merkins, second line for regular merkins, and third line for wide grip merkins.

At this point, I was struggling and Kilo helped me through some Mary. Flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury’s, box cutters, LBCs, and some others.

We talked briefly about SGT. Brandon Ketchum who served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, then suffered PTSD. It was through his struggle and suicide that brought attention to the struggles our modern soldiers face.

Intentions for Abacus, his and his family, Weedwacker, his son Vince, and family. Thanked Sky Q for our blessings and to guide us through the day.

Until next time, Hot Wheels out.

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