Backblast – Black Ops at The Beach, 5/25

Q-Iceman Pax-14, Airplane, Big Bird, Little Jerry, Huggies, Fergy, Valdez, Jitterbug, Snow Day, Peekaboo, Nice and Slow, Forced Close, Iceman

Kinetic court work:

Circuit mosey, Butt kicks, high knees, knee/quad grabs, armcircles, sand grabbers, merkin/sprint progressions 5,4,3,2,1

Thang 1, 4 lines

Bounds 2 and 1 foot Bernie back, merkins while you wait

180 turn jumps, merkins while you wait

Duck walk, Skaters lunge back, merkins while you wait

Thang 2, partner up

P 1 runs circuit(cones, ladder, the usual), P 2 200 merkins, 100 dips, mary while you wait

Thang 3, back by popular demand

Great balls of fire. Aka bear crawl ring of fire countdown 5 merkins, 4,3,2,1 after full rotation clockwise then counter clockwise… modified to lunges and 1 leg hops as shoulders were spent.

Mary pass the Q… 14 different exercises finished with building a sand castle and repeatedly jumping over your sand castle.

COT prayers for HIMs families in need, for our military and VETs.

I am humbled by the strength of this Pax and the commitment to put out the effort in the Gloom to get better. The Beach has always been my sanctuary and now I’m happy to share it with the Pax… See you in the sand.SYITS.

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