5/30 Poshlands Birthday Backblast

20 HIM came out to help me celebrate my 50th birthday.  I thanked them with cake and ice cream, and by cake and ice cream I mean sweat and hardwork!

Q: Forced Close

Pax: 20 McAfee, Catfish, Iceman, Grave Digger, Gypsy, Little Jerry, Jitterbug, Abacas, Double Down, Nice & Slow, Scratch & Dent, Ashley, Retainer, Huggies, Peach, Methane, Nino, Tool Time, Forced Close, Mr. Hat

COP: Mosey long way to the parking lot.

50 SSH

25 Abe Vigodas(accidentally called them cherry pickers and was ridiculed instantly)

25 Cherry Pickers ( Damn right!)

25 Merkins ( held the last one in down position for McAfee)

Thing: 1 Mosey to the bridge

Partner up with someone close to your size(Very important). I saw the tear in Huggies eye when I chose him

Start at bottom of the bridge where Partner 1 Amraps merkins while Partner 2 does 10 burpees. Partner 1 then piggy backs Partner 2 to top of bridge then mosey down to bottom of other side. Partner 2 Amraps merkins while Partner 1 does 10 burpees. Partner 2 piggy backs Partner one to top of bridge then mosey down to bottom. Rinse and repeat only changing Amraps: Mountain Climbers, Lunges, LBC’s, Planks

50 Burpees total

Thing 2: Mosey back to parking lot

Splint in to two circles of 10. First circle planks while pax one at a time do 25 merkins. Continue clockwise until each pax has done 25 merkins holding plank. Rinse and repeat for total of 50 merkins.

Second circle same theme as first only replace with Monkey Humpers.

After each circle completes, switch exercises. Every Pax completed 50 Merkins and 50 Monkey Humpers.

5 Burpees for kicks and giggles


Count o Rama

Name o Rama



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