JORDY 40 Birthday BackBlast- #TempleOfGloom


Seneca Park- Thursday 5/31/18

PAX- 23 HIM, all #gotbetter

Jordy (Q), Plethora, RedRoof, DoDoDoDoDo, Chicken Fried, TinCup, WhoDey, Beaker (FNG), OJ, Face, Trump, Vincent (Respect), McAfee, Loco (posting for Pope), Scuba Steve, FloJo, Defect (F3 Lexington), Shiplap, Huggies, Captain Insane-O, Wham!, Donger, Donut

Jordy was on the birthday Q at the O today. It was Q’s birthday, but the PAX got all the presents!

Here’s what went down at the O…

RedRoof led an extra credit run pre-post. Q was at home changing a diaper. But I made it in time, and then it was my turn.

Light jog long way around to tennis courts.

Circle up for the gift of pain. 40 was the number today.

40 SSH in Cadence

Stretches- Hamstrings/hip openers

20 Copperhead Squats. This was going to be 40, but Q wanted to save the PAX quads for coupon thrusters… should’ve done 40.

Count off into teams of 4, run to (no) coupon field.


My next birthday gift to the PAX was a bit of a bust. Parks and rec stole all of the coupons. Again. So Q made a quick change. Burpees for thrusters. Fair trade. But this trade required addition of 5 minutes to the AMRAP…

Teams of 4- AMRAP 15 minutes. Everyone working.

Man 1- 40 yd dash out and back

Man 2- Burpees. Coupon thrusters was the original. Darn. Will have to run this again.

Man 3- Air squats

Man 4- Merkins

Rotate front to back.

PAX cruised. 15 minutes wasn’t enough. They asked for more presents. Actually begged for more burpees. So Q obliged.


Circle up. Surprise! 40 count circle burp. Woof.


My last gift to the PAX. Jack Webbs. Hit our last 40 of the day.

Long run back to the flag.



Name-O-Rama- welcome Beaker!

Today is my 40th birthday. I have a 6 day old at home. Life is good, great actually. Life couldn’t possibly get better… but it did! 23 HIM all got better today, especially me.

Lots of people to keep in our thoughts today. An awful lot for all of us to be thankful for.

I want to thank all PAX- the ones with me at the O today, the ones at other AOs, the ones asleep in bed, the ones being fathers, the ones at work, the ones being husbands, the ones who are sick or injured, the ones on the road to recovery. I’ve been all of those now. F3 makes me better at everything. You guys make me better at everything.

Shout out to Pope. Still would have beat everyone today and asked for more. Get better.

– Jordy

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