Backblast 5/31/18: The Extender at “The Mutt”

Better late than never. Well it had been awhile since I Q’ed And some slots were needing to be filled. Zoolander “aka Zoo” reached out and I gladly accepted the challenge of creating a beat down. Setting up for the HT picnic the night before already was a good warm up for the next morning at the Mutt. The beers after setting up for the picnic were sure to help hydrate. I thought since I was Q’ing I needed to arrive a little earlier than my traditional fashion of showing up 30 seconds before 5:30. So I showed up 2 minutes/maybe 3 minutes before 5:30 beat down. The Pax were in shock – how could TIGER be this early. Off now to work:

Thang 1: mosey around the school to the big Parking lot in front of the portico. But something was surprising in the mosey around the school- TIGER was in the very front. Was this pure adrenaline b/c of Q’ing for the morning or was it the Pax being falling in? Hard to say – maybe a little of both, but for a The day it felt good, especially considering my mad running skills and love for running. Circled up for:

Side straddle hops (20x)/arm circles (20 fwd and 20 bwd)/cross body stretch ea. Arm (4x15sec)/Hamstring stretch (4×15 sec)/and finished with downward dog. That is the physical therapist coming out in me.

Thang 2: count off 1/2 1/2… and had all the 1’s run to get a coupon and head back to Big parking lot. Groups of 2 were formed: 1 person ran across lot and performed 5 merkins and 5 squats. Partner 2 started with coupon workout and then rotated:

100 bicep curls/200 military press/200 rows/300 chest press (split between partners)

Thang 3: with groups of 2 — 1 person carries coupon going one direction around school while other partner runs opposite direction around School to switch and continue in opposite directions. Rinse and repeated at least three times. Some of the ultra runners were able to do it 4 times.

Thang 4: circled up for about 2-3 minutes of Mary: LBC’s 20x/Flutter kicks 20x/and finished with American Twists (20x).

Finished with COT with count off of the Pax: count 17. Zoolander, Fridge, Grinder, Scratch, Spinal Tap, Mouth, Terrine, Steerage , Left Eye, Sump Pump, Pepperoni, Sherpa, Moonlight, PED, Old Bay, Wham’o, and TIGER (Q). Announcements and then finished with prayer! It feels good to hear from Pax the next day after workout to hear feedback of a good beat down and Pax being sore! Thanks gentlemen for allowing me to Q!!

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