6/7/18 Back Blast #theagony

For the past several years, and prior to F3, Fergie and I would split a personal trainer once a week. Our trainer would often talk about a class he leads on Fridays around 1pm. While we never attended this class, it was something that I always wanted to try. Welcome Kenny Roger to the #theagony. Weather 60 degrees, humidity 98%. Airplane Q. PAX: Forced Closed (R), Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Abacus, PorkChop, Valdez, Meter Maid, Boozer, Irsay, Mamma’s Boy, Wildflower (FNG), BigBird, Cochran. As the PAX were arriving I had “The Gambler” playing on repeat. My initial plan was to keep it that way for the entire 45 minutes, but after four or five plays we had had enough. We circled up, disclaimer was given and away we went. To help the crazies who are doing the 10,000 merkin challenge (or 30,000 if you’re little Jerry) we started off with 20 Merkins OYO. Next, we hustled to the coupon bank everyone grabbed a coupon and hustled back to the flag. A proper 80’s hair band playlist was selected and I introduced the PAX to the “Deck of Death”. Once exercise per suit: Clubs = coupon curl, Diamonds = coupon kettle bell swing, Hearts = Devinci’s, Spades = Burpees. 2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14=104 of each exercise. Mix in the two jokers for 52 SSH IC for 104 SSH IC. Woof. YHC was spent. We finished with just enough time to stash the coupons and mosey back to the flag. We welcomed our newest member, Wildflower. Announcements : yoga Friday at North Posh. Merkin challenge fundraising info is on slack. COT: Prayers for Pope and his family, Abacus and his family, Valdez’s brother and family, and those that were unsaid. As I look back over the past three months since I started F3, I’m incredibility humbled and impressed by this group. It was an honor to lead you this morning. #itsmorethanaworkout

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