North Posh 6/11/18 Backblast

I’m trying to Q as much as possible these days before the 2.0 arrives, and I had something special planned today at the North Posh, a little too special that I swept my own feet from under me. 13 HIMs craved to know more about the significance of 6, 11, & 18 Monday ITG: Forced Close (R), Snow Day, Star Child, Kilo, Nino, Gypsy, Storm Trooper, McAfee, Flounder, Hot Wheels, Duplo, Huggies, and Mr. Hat (Q).

COP: 6 Abe Vigodas, 11 Imperial Walkers, & 18 Side Straddle Hops

Mosey to the hill at the front entrance for the main Thang. For each round, we ran up and down 6 times, and did an exercise each trip up and down the hill. First trip: 6 burpees at the top and bottom. Second: 11 merkins. Third: 18 SSHs. Then back down the ladder: 18 air presses. 11 air squats. 6 jump lunges.

Then mosey back to the flags for 15 minutes of Mary. Did some merkin/shoulder taps Jack Webb style, all the way up to 10 merkins and 40 shoulder taps. Then some Mary and closed it out with AMRAP mountain climbers, which is what I think did me in.

Circled up and gathered around for intentions. I always feel blessed and honored to Q. Have a great Monday! Hat out.

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