The Fog 6-16-18 Back Blast

22 HIM posted today. 1 FNG

Weather was perfect

Star Child, Forced Closed (R), Aerobie (R), Duck, Iceman (R), Bob Ross, Nino, Propane, Methane, Peekaboo, Wapner (FNG), Hot Wheels, Gravedigger, Matlock, Gangplank, Flounder, Gypsy, Rhythm, Abacus, Cochran, Bear, Huggies (Q)


30 SSH

25 Imperial Walkers

20 Abe Vigodas

20 Grass Grabbers

Arm Circles


Leg Stretches

Mosey to Coupon Parking Lot

Thang 1

Circuit/Tabata Timer

To Billy Joel “Uptown Girl”

1 minute exercise followed by 20 seconds rest (Merkins, SSH, Mountain Climbers)

To Johnny Horton “Battle of New Orleans”

20 second coupon exercises followed by 10 second rest (curls, overhead press, bench press X 2 sets)

To Alabama “Dixieland Delight”

30 second ab work followed by 15 second rest (flutter kicks, lbcs, rosalitas, boats canoes, 6 inches)

Thang 2

Native American Run with 1 burpee in the back to far side of egg lawn grass field

Football punt/pass/kick challenge

Sprint to football during hang time.  When ball lands do an exercise the rest of the way to the football (lunges, bear crawl, crab crawl, crawl bear etc.) 15 mins.

Native American Run back to Flags with 5 merkins in the back

Reverse Jack Webb (Counting down from 10 merkins, 40 air presses)


Announcements – Raffle for Vince

FNG (Wapner) – history of being a plaintiff on the people’s court

Intentions – Abacus M, Vince, Pope

It’s always a privilege to lead.  Happy father’s day!


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