BackBlast-Norton Commons 6.15.18



I raised my hand to Q at Norton Commons on Friday 6/15. Early in the week, not yet knowing what I was going to do, inspiration had struck. I heard this song on the radio (on the way to post at the incubator ironically), said “yeah!” (gangsta style), bobbed my head and realized that if this was the feeling that I get whenever I hear this song, then I had to share it with my friends and incorporate it into my workout. Through some thought and preparation, come Friday, on a perfect, somewhat humid 68 degree morning, I was ready to go. Now I just needed some PAX to show up. In driving through the neighborhood, I get a call from Storm Trooper saying, “I’m here but where is this place?” I thought, “Yes! We can workout and with someone who has not yet been here before!” I guided him to the amphitheater and as we rolled up, ten minutes early, noticed a hand full of cars already lined up there. “Fantastic! A pretty good turnout.” As we approached our 5:30 start time, one could see more headlights driving through the neighborhood and at that time of the day, they had to be headed our way to join us. One by one, more cars lined up along the street, parked and like a scene from a movie… or a music video, you see PAX getting out of their cars, heading out in the gloom, silhouettes being mildly lit up by the orange colored streetlights that still glow before the sun comes up. All in all, 17 HIM show up ready to see what “I got Five On It” was all about….Feeling humbled…5:30…Let’s get it on!!

Short mosey around the neighborhood to a fork in the road where we would get to some COP. Middle of the road you say? We be gangstas! We don’t care!…Well, and few are up in that neighborhood that time of day. Not one car drove by…

25 SSH IC, 10 Grass grabbers IC, 10 second hold Sampson Lunges, 10 Imperial walkers IC, 5 Inchworms OYO. Rinse and Repeat. (5 exercises, multiples of 5)

Now we’re loose! Moseyed to the open field where we would attempt to hit up 5 different Tabata exercises. Time would only allow for 3. For those of you not aware, Tabata is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for eight rounds.

Tabata 1: Salt-n-Pepper: Like a mountain climber but while in plank position, knee goes to opposite elbow hitting the abs.

Tabata 2: Booyah’s: Grab a partner, merkin and at the top slap opposite hands. This one was tough! Thanks Fergie!

Tabata 3: Forward to backward lunges.

Took a ten count and then moseyed to the play ground. We would then do a 10 minute Cindy (crossfit benchmark workout, normally a 20 minute AMRAP. Time would only allow for 10) to the Luniz song ” I Got Five On It.” Workout is 5 pullups, 10 merkins, and 15 air squats. I asked PAX to keep track of how many rounds we did. The goal is to do the same workout with the same PAX 6 months from now to see how we have progressed. We all worked hard and finished strong! Way to get at it fellas!

As a cool down, we walked to the open field where got in one round of Mary. The day prior, on Pork Chop’s VQ at The County at St. Al’s he pulled an awesome workout from the exercise manual titled “Guantanamo,” that I had to share. We probably had too many guys for that but as we do in F3 from time to time, modified, worked it out and killed our abs.

Moseyed back to the flags for some COT.

PAX: Glen Ross-11, Face-9, Storm Trooper-9.5, Noxeema Jackson-10, Valdez-10, Fergie-9, Mr. Hat-9, Yogi-9, Airplane-9, Piggy-9, Retainer-8.5, Pork Chop-9 Abacus-9, Grinder-8, Mama’s Boy-7, Macbeth (FNG)-9, BigBird (Q)-9

Announcements: Reminder of the capture the flag ruck on Friday June 22nd. As of Friday morning there were still a few open spots.

Intentions: Abacus, his M and his family. Continued prayers for Pope and also for Weedwackers’s son Vince. My apologies for not remembering who, but one of our PAX lost  a grandparent. Thoughts go out to their widow for I could only imagine what it would be like to lose a best friend and partner that you have had through several decades. For all of those that were unsaid and we hold in our hearts.

Thank you to the Lord above for giving me another day, giving me the strength to get out of bed, and the courage to lead a fine group of men eager to get better.

Until next time….


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