B.B. bayside 06/16.. glauc q

better late than never. Know pax had ants in their pants thinking of the bayside shenanigans.

Q Glauc. PAX. Banana bread, t18, shuttlecock.

Mosey to rear of school.

30 ssh (Ic) , hamstring stretch, 30 ssh (ic), plank stretching, 30 ssh (ic), hamstring stretch, 30 ssh (ic), plank stretching, 30 ssh (ic)

”meet in the middle” partners start at opposite 30 yard lines. Run to 50, do 8 boo ya merkins, Bernie Sanders back and do one burpee. Repeat entire glorious song.

3 min interval work. 1 min one legged glute thrust, 1 min other leg., one minute reverse plank

”soul on fire” same sequence as above song but 10 boo ya squats at the 50 and do 2 (each leg 2 x ) jump lunges. Remember we Bernied back.   Rinse repeat entire song.

3 min interval. Left side planks, right side planks, ankle bitters

“ uptown funk” same sequence as above songs, but 12 boo ya plank slaps at the 50 and a burpee at the beginning.

3 minute interval. Ace and Gary’s 1 min partner 1 does big boys, while the other holds the feet in high plank. Switch for the second minute. Final minute reverse sit-up.

3 minute interval. Right side merkin rows, left side merkin rows, money mayweathers


mosey back to flag for cot and prayer. It was a good warm up before heading to t18s house where we helped him move some large objects in preparation for him moving houses. Shuttlecock basically did all the work and B.B., t18 and I sat back and marveled at what a fine human specimen he truly is.


Glauc out!

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