18 HIMs packed the Posh Wednesday ITG: Huggies, Iceman (R), Little Jerry (R), Forced Close (R), McAfee, Propane, Methane, Moped, Hot Wheels, Maxi, Valdez, Piggy, Jitterbug (R), Uncle Rico, Gypsy, Dynomite, Nino, & Mr. Hat (Q).

Don’t tell Kilo I told you because he’ll get a big head about it, but I stole a couple ideas from his first few Qs shortly after I started F3 last year. Let’s do this.

COP: 10 GGs, 10 AVs, 10 SSHs, and arm circles.

Next: a variation of Circle Burp. PAX stood in a circle, and just like the COT, we all stated our F3 name, but here’s what he did: we chopped our feet, HIM 1 said his name, we all repeated said name and did a burpee. And around the circle we went. 18 burpees in total. Then mosey to the Poshy egg lawn.

Next: a variation of Charlie Bronson in the lexicon. Set up three cones. Started at the first cone, ran to the second cone, army crawl to the third and run back. This we did each time, but each time we came back to the beginning, we did the following: 10 burpees, 20 single-count jump lunges, 30 merkins, 40 air squats, and 50 SSHs. Then we went back down the ladder, with the same running/army crawl (or modified to a bear crawl) as previously mentioned: 40 air squats, 30 merkins, 20 single-count jump lunges, and 10 burpees.

Next: set up the cones in a rectangle for a little trip to the zoo. PAX lined up all around the rectangle, facing inwards. On the short ends of the rectangle, PAX bear crawled, on one long end – crab walk, and on the other long end – duck walk. We went around 2x one direction, then went around another 2x the other direction.

Closed up with Guantanamo (Big Bird did this at NC on Friday last week), mosey to the starting point, and 50 more SSHs since we had some time left over.

COT, intentions, and McAfee talked some trash about Friday’s ruck event. Prayer up to our Father.

I’m very grateful to lead such a great group when I get the chance to do so. Rock it today PAX. Hat out.

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