Back blast bayside 6-21-18

Pax: thumbtack q, glaucoma, abacus, gilly, banana bread, big bird, shuttlecock, capt. good vibes, stacks(fng)

The great thing about f3 is we all come out to be together and get better. This morning I was running a little behind because I was up with my two sick daughters. Thanks to banana bread for the wake up call and glauc for warming up the guys for me. There are many obstacles in our lives and god give you opportunities to step up and overcome those. I felt like just not showing after I thought I had let the pax down by oversleeping but something in me pushed me out the door and to post to finish my vq even though I was late. So now to the workout.

Glauc warmed up the guys with

30 ssh (IC) , plank stretching, 30 ssh (IC), hamstring stretching, 30 ssh (IC), and more plank stretching.

I showed up right in time to start the main exercises after the warmup


we lined up on the Goal line in pairs for thang 1-123 Dora exercise ( run 80 yards out and 80 yards back for a total of 160 yards while partner excersises)

  • 100 merkins
  • 200 Bobby hurley squats
  • 300 Lbc’s

Thang 2 due to lack of time we just did two sets max out on the exercises while partner (ran 50 yards out and 50 yards back for a total of 100 yards) all you got on the exercises

  • tricep presses
  • military presses
  • curls

We hen mosy back to the flag for some Mary work.

  • 25 gas pumps
  • 20 Freddie mercury’s

The  we proceeded to count a rama, name-a-Rama, intentions were for abacus and his wife dealing with cemo treatments, capt goodvibes and his u18 Olympic development soccer trip this weekend, banana bread and his family dealing with gastro problems with his new 2.0, continue to keep Pope in your prayers.

The hims did great on the workout and even though we had to work on fly because of my tardiness I was still happy with the work we did to get better and felt like my vq was a success. #addictedtof3


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