BB: 07/05/2018 The Big Kapowski.. Steamy. #stillhavetheghostflag

Was impressed with the showing in the gloom at Bayside this am..  Wham! bought a gas card and made the trek… Nino attempted to steal ghostie without his arsenal of 5.. that was rejected.  Fanny Pack continues to impress.. major respect for that man.  It was hot.

Glauc Q

Nino, Banana Bread, Fanny Pack (R), Huggies, Grandpa Bear, Charlois (R) , Wham!, Thumbtack

Conditions.  hot.  500% humidity

Clothes.. Doesn’t matter.  Soaked.

mosey to rear of school

COP  : 25 SSH , Plank Stretch, 25 SSH, Hamstring Hold , 25 SSH, Plank Stretching

Team Vince challenge :  Do Big boys for one minute, while partner holds ankles in high plank (Ace and Garys) switch  places repeat.  (

Thang 1 : 10 Minute circuit to “Sinnerman”

under portico:  Start 3 burpees, Bernie sanders to 1st bench, 15 dips, lunge to second bench, 10 incline merkins, bernie sanders to end of portico, 5 mexican jumping bean squats, mosey back to beginning..  The total yardage spanned in this is close to 100 yards..

Team Vince challenge :  Repeat from above

Thang 2: Jack Webbs :  1:4  to 10:40  Merkins  : air press

Team vince challenge:   Repeat from above

Thang 3 :  1:4  to 10:40  Copperhead Merkins : Anton Ono’s

mosey back to flag

Announcements for the AO challenge, intentions to all those sick physically and mentally, including but not limited to BB and his daughters digestive issues,  a simpsonville police office who broke his leg while on duty, those that have lost loved ones recently)

Prayer… Glauc OUT!!

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