Backblast The Silo Northposh 7/9/2018

65 degrees – 100% humidity

16 PAX – Wildflower, Flounder, Ooga Booga!(FNG), Snowman, Mr. Hat, Worm, Yogi, Kilo, Catfish, McAfee, Valdez, Star Child, Gypsy, Viking, Hot Wheels, Huggies(Q)


30 SSH

25 Imperial Walkers

20 Grass Grabbers

20 Abe Vigodas


Mosey along the bike trail down the hill to the wall.

Partner up

Partner 1 runs up the hill to the benches while partner 2 does wall merkins AMRAP one round

Partner 1 runs down the hill to the first curve while partner 2 does big boy sit ups AMRAP one round


Mosey down the hill to the large field

We lined up shoulder to shoulder in the grass facing the parking lot. There was a nice fog settled in the middle of the field.  Like WWI soldiers coming out of the trenches carrying our bayonets, we charged the enemy across no man’s land.


The Snake.  We wound our way through the parking lot single file.  We ran across the parking lot and then bear crawled up the parking lot 3 spaces.  We ran to the otherside and repeated until we got to the end of the parking lot.


There’s a steep hill on the other side of the parking lot going up to the road from the grass.  The plan was to do burpees 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 while running up or down the hill after each set.  We made it through about 3-4 reps until I had to call it due to time constraints and the fact that I almost spilled Merlot.

We moseyed back to the flag.  Those that arrived first did LBC’s until the rest of the guys made it back which was right at 6:15.


FNG from Florida (Ooga Booga!)

July Ruck Event 7/14 at JMF

McAfee mobile black ops on Tuesdays

Intentions – Vince, Mr. Hat’s M, Flounder spoke about friendship

Thanks!  It’s always an honor.  I hope the workout lived up to the beast mode name.  I personally burned more calories in 45 minutes than I ever had.




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