Carpenter Pre-Blast 7/10/18 It is going to be fun!!

Methane here. It’s just after lunch on Monday and your probably thinking about where to post tomorrow. There is a Bayside BlackOps with BananaBread, Nino Q at the LOCO, PED working TheRooster, Trump swinging a Bag of Wrenches and me Methane, Qing at probably the coolest AO to ever have a shovel flag stuck in her – TheCarpenter!Hard decisions. One’s going promise a beat down, another will tell you it will be a face melter and they will all vow that you will get better……..that’s cute. I tell you what, take a chance, flip a coin and let your destiny unfold. Take out a quarter, throw it in the air, if it lands on Heads-Carpenter! If it lands on Tails, screw it and still come to the Carpenter. This workout is going to be a Face-melting beatdown that no one will ever forget. SYITG 5:30am!


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