BackBlast @ “The Chopper”: Guest Q 7/13

I was excited when Kilo asked for people to step up and Q at The Tank. This was my first opportunity to Q at a site other than Bayside. I will admit that it is a little bit intimidating to lead a group of men who you’ve mostly just met. After it was over I was glad I did it and I hope that everyone was pushed to get better.

Conditions: Perfect

Banana Bread (Q)
Nice and Slow
Snow Day


SSH (IC) x30
Calf Stretching
Cherry Pickers (IC) x15
Abe Vigodas (IC) x15
SSH (IC) x30

Dora 1-2-3

Partner runs to end of parking lot. Complete 5 BOYOs then return.

100 push ups
200 squats
300 LBCs

This is where things got away from me a little bit….

Mosey to the baseball field to continue Mary work

Ab ladder

between each exercise the PAX would complete 10 Merkins

60 ankle biters
50 flutter kicks
40 Freddie Mercury
30 Gas pumps
20 American Hammers
10 Big Boys

The plan was to take it back to the top but I got nervous on time and stopped. In retrospect, I should have ran it back up.

Reserve Capacity

Standard Indian run around the baseball field perimeter

single pass through
25 merkins
single pass through
50 squats
single pass through
100 SSH

Short mosey back to the flag

Intentions/Prayer requests

— Banana Bread

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