7/19 Backblast bayside

Bananabread, Charlais (r), Gilly, Fanny pack (r), Shuttlecock (r), Sparky, Grandpa Bear (q)

Mosey to COP with some high knees along the way.


Grass grabbers ic 15 ea along with several bent over, arm circles, and calf stretches. Few downward dogs.

Mosey to 50 yard line in front of school. Exercise was to do 5 burpees run to goal line and work your way up to 50 merkins in increments of 5.

5+10+15+20+25+30+35+40+45+50= 275

50 burpees.

This left enough time to lay parallel to ground with hands placed on curb and side walk step between columns in front of school and start with 1 merkins and increase by one for 5 columns, about 25 yrs. Then Bear crawl back. Mosey back to front of bldg and finish with 100 all out Sprint give it all you got to the flag.





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