Backblast for the Dueling Q at The Chopper 7/20/18. Airplane vs Porkchop.

When I heard about the Q vs Q challenged I was intrigued.  I considered challenging the Old Guard.  However I realized it had to be Airplane.  Airplane HL me 2 1/2 months ago and I have had the honor to call him friend for 25 years.  Also, nobody runs there mouth like Airplane so the motivation was high. I was up until midnight polishing my weinke and afterwards couldn’t sleep with excitement. I set 4 alarms after my recent accidental fart sack and at 4:40 was raring to go. It was time to see if the pupil could beat the teacher.

The weather:  It was awful.  Simply awful.  Death by electrocution was certainly a possibility.  Enormous kudos to the 9 PAX that braved the weather.


Airplane refused to get out of his truck and things almost ended there but I threatened his manhood and we modified to the pavilion.


Snowday led us in a warm up with running in place, some toe touches, and some strange twisty things his M said would help our beach bodies.

Then to the competition:  10 min with Porkchop, 10 min with Airplane, 10 min Porkchop, then 10 more min with Airplane.

Thang 1 with Porkchop:

Everyone partnered up to the sweet sounds of Jane’s Addiction.

1 min rounds of Wheel Barrow Merkins (PAX 1 ankles held by PAX 2), Pax Crabwalks (PAX back to back in a squat with arms linked and crab walk from side to side), Australian Pax Pullups (Pax 1 laying on the ground with head by the ankles of Pax 2 with linked arms and Pax 2 and doing pull-ups), Pax Leg throws ( same position but Pax 2 stays in an Al Gore and throws down the raised legs of Pax 1), and finally Pax Lunges (pulse lunging with a Pax on your back).  10 minutes down.


Thang 2 with Airplane:

Airplane then led us in a round of tabatas.  It was all a blur since I was trying to figure out how to modify my next exercise so he had to send me a picture of his weinke.  It was short but was enough to jug my memory.  Rounds of burpees, lunges, plank jacks, booya merkins, jump squats, dry docks, high knees, gas pumpers, triceps dips, and modified monkey jumpers (after kind words from Airplane we coughed with each monkey humper too remind me that I am paid to exam male genitalia.)  It was just like the office.

Thang 3 with Porkchop:

I brought out the fruits of my labor.  A magic 8 ball where 20 different exercises where exchanged for the fortune telling.  we did rounds of fast SSH and let the Magic 8 ball guide us through Surfees, Big boys, and others in between.  I got flustered and forgot the music but Airplane filled in quickly and all was well.


Thang 4:

Circled up and Airplane had us make sure we knew the Pax around us and find out there favorite workout. We took turns leading each others exercise and that finished us out.


COT:  I gave thanks to old friends (Airplane and Fergie have been good friends for 25 years) and new friends in F3.  Thanks to F3 for getting me out of my tired old routine.  Never thought I would enjoy the gloom so much.  You are a motivating and inspirational group of guys and I am honored to be a part.


The Pax were sent an anonymous survey afterwards to vote for the winning Q in 3 categories: creativity, motivation, and best beatdown while uniting the Pax.


After the 7 voting pax results were tallied:

Airplane  11 points

Porkchop 10 points


It was a close one and came down to the final voter!  Congrats to Airplane for the smooth efficient beat down.  I have a beer with your name on it.


I know I will never here the end of this.




PS.  PAX present:







Meter maid

Big Bird

Tony Malito







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