Popevergence Pre-Blast – 7.28.18

After reading Grinder’s Back Blast this morning I was immediately reminded of what an amazing group of men this is. I think back over the past year, and I am honored to have been a part of this group. It has served a huge blessing to myself, as I know it has done the same for so many others. I hope tomorrow morning will be no different!

A couple months ago I remember finishing a workout and during COT, one of the PAX mentioned that Pope was in the hospital and needed our prayers. We didn’t know all the details then and I am still uncertain of some now, but to hear that one of our strongest PAX was struggling, and with his heart no less, it immediately gave me some perspective. Even if we do all that we can to protect our bodies and stay healthy, we never know what tomorrow holds. This is where the 3nd F of this group comes into play. For myself, my faith has always been a part of my life, but it has also been a huge struggle for me. We all want our lives to leave a lasting impact, so taking each day as if it could be our last is difficult at times. From that morning I began praying for Pope and his recovery and began thinking about how this group could rally behind this man during his time of need.

For those of you who know Pope well, he loves to wear his tanks. Heck, I would too if I had guns like him! So when I started to think of ways to show our support, Tanks were the way to go. I won’t go into all the details, but this project was not easy and it took some help from several PAX to make it happen (Shout out to Peek-a-boo, BUSCHHH, Retainer, StarChild, Drumroll, and Zima for his consultation). The tanks we will wear tomorrow are not just for fun and to look badass (which we will), but to show solidarity and support for one of our own who is struggling, and to lift him up during a valley in his life. We also want to honor his by donating all we make to the American Heart Association in his name.

This is sure to be an exciting workout and a special way to celebrate a support one of our very own. We will meet at the parking lot by the basketball courts at Seneca Park (The O) at 0700.



One thought on “Popevergence Pre-Blast – 7.28.18

  1. Thanks to John O’Daniel for sharing this announcement with me. I’m honored to be Pope’s mother, Kathy. I cannot tell you how grateful our entire family is for your support during this very scary and difficult time. I am certain that Andy would be doing the same if it was one of you. Hang together guys! Our faith tells us to do unto others as you would have done unto you. You guys rock! Hope to see you tomorrow at the finish line!


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