Backblast 7/27 The Chopper

Today was a perfect example of how F3 has changed my life and continues to change me and make me a better man. I woke up this morning a combination of angry, depressed and annoyed. I alluded to it in the COT, but after 41 years I still find myself sweating the small stuff, setting unrealistic expectations in life and acting like a child when things aren’t going my way. I’m a lot better than I was a year ago (pre-F3), but I’m still a work in progress. The old Grinder would have overslept this morning, then slugged around with a head full of failure all day. Instead, I knew that this morning I not only had a workout to get to, but I had to lead, so there was no option but to shake off the funk, strap on my shoes and get to it.

I pulled into the Vet still unsure of myself, but as the PAX started rolling in, my spirits started to lift. We had a great group of HIMs attend this morning (list below) and had what I thought was a good full-body workout (details below), but the best part of this morning for me was the COT. When we circled up for intentions and started talking about Weed Whacker and Vince, Pope, Abacus, Boozer, it was a much needed wake-up call. My problems aren’t problems. They’re annoyances or temporary roadblocks and don’t hold a candle to the REAL problems others are facing. If it weren’t for F3 and the HIMs that showed up and showed me the way this morning, I’d still be having a shitty day because I’d be worrying about all the wrong stuff. Instead, these guys got me out of my own head and reminded me what’s really important in this world and for that, I am humbled and grateful and ready to battle today. Thank you!

PAX: Crash, Snowman, Hot & Ready (DR), Thumbtack, Meatball, Storm Trooper, Big Bird, Mama’s Boy, Grinder (Q)

Each PAX started by grabbing two Trumpons (TM Trump) and heading to the baseball diamond for COP: 25 SSH (IC), 20 Ave Vigoda (IC), 20 Imperial Walkers (IC), 20 Hillbillies (IC), Downward Dog, 20 Grass Grabbers (IC)

Our workout took us around the baseball field four times this morning and went like this (all with Trumpons):

Home Plate- 5 BOYOs, Bear Crawl with coupons to 1st base

1st Base- 10 Merkins, AYG Run to right field

Right field- 10 Overhead Presses, mosey to center field

Center field- 10 lateral raises, Bernie Sanders to 2nd Base, 10 squats, then Mario back to center field, 10 shoulder shrugs, mosey to left field

Left field- 10 lunges, AYG Run to 3rd base

3rd Base- 10 V-ups, mosey home

With a few minutes left after our four times on this circuit, we circled up for some Mary, returned coupons and gathered for COT.

Thanks to Hot & Ready for posting DR from Nashville and thanks again to all the other HIMs that attended. You impacted my life for the better today and I am a better man for the time and fellowship I shared with you this morning.

Humbled, Grinder.

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