Black Ops Ruck Training at the Posh Back Blast 7-27-18

Weather – Light Rain early on. 70 degrees 84% humidity

PAX 7 – Abacus, Nice n’ Slow, Pew Pew, Meter Maid, Launch Pad, Fanny Pack (R), Huggies (Q).

This was the first of, hopefully, many Friday morning ruck training WOs.  Ruck sacks were worn the entire workout.  YHC wearing the Rucker 2.0 with 30 lbs. plate.


Ruck Imperial Walkers IC (20)

Ruck Squats (15)

Ruck Merkins (10)

Ruck Mountain Climbers (20)



Native American Run with Flag around the circle to the egg lawn

One lap around egg lawn (0.7 miles) with rucks only.  Flag in front.  Goal was 9:30.  We made it in 9 minutes

Nice n’ Slow elected squad leader –  His job was to keep the team together and help set the pace for the next ruck around the egg lawn.

Weights were now added to the team.   6 Gallon Water Cannisters X 2.  30 lbs. sandbag.  30 lbs. extra ruck sack (Thanks Nino!).  10 lbs Ruck plate.  Goal 12 minutes while maintaining no separation greater than 10 yards.

The team made it in 11 minutes, but the group did get separated at one point, which resulted in 25 ruck merkin penalty to Nice n’ Slow.  The team, however, elected to do them together.

We next did fireman carries and casualty carries.

YHC demonstrated proper fireman carry technique.

The team partnered up and practiced.  We next carried our partner 20 yards.

Four members of the team were casualties and the three remaining members carried the four casualties 20 yards.  We did this twice.

Native American Run back to the flag.


I read the medal of honor citation for Lt. Michael Murphy.  I’d like that to be a tradition for this AO; the Q to bring and read a medal of honor citation.

Announcement, Prayer

Huggies out.






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