8/1/2018 – Tank Black-Blast #WormVQ

The Tank was a true gentleman this morning has he gently took my VQ in the Gloom. Thank you to a Pax of 21 Strong with 2 FNG’s. #Sideline (Eric McKendrick) and #Rih-Rih (Chris Brown), WELCOME. KILO, Tony Malito, Peek-A-Boo, Rhythm, Flounder, Abacus, Meatball, Drysdale, SnowDay, Cutlass, Ryobi, PK, EastWood, Piggy, Sadie, Hot Wheels, Vincent, Tool-Time, VQ WORM

Conditions: 66F with Strong Wind Gust of 2-3mph out of the West. Dry Air, Wet Grass, Hard Concrete

Breakfast: 5hr Energy (Grape), Supreme Protein Bar (Peanut Butter Crunch), 1/2 Diet Rockstar

Secret Weapon: Under Armour 3.0 No Show Socks straight from the package. Heaven.

Warm Up-

Light Jog around parking lot. High Knees, Butt Kicks, Karaoke, Bear Crawl

Circled Up – Side Straddle Hops IC; Grass Grappers IC; Abe Vigoda’s IC

Thang #1 Team Relay Race – Teams of Three

Sprint P- Lot down/back- Team Murkins

Sprint P-Lot down/back- Team Side Straddle Hops

Sprint P-Lot down/back- Team Air Squats

Sprint P-Lot down/back – Team Burpees

Winning Team was rewarded with another Sprint with rest of Pax won Big Boys

Picked up Tankpons (Small Bricks)

Thang #2 Circled up in Right Field

Super-Sets From Six- 3 Sets of each routine

Front Tankpon Raises with Negatives (Legs Elevated) / Big Boys

Wide Tankpon Murkins / Overhead Tankpon Press

Tankpon Side Raises/ Front Raise Holds (10 seconds)

Few 20 Counts Mixed in there.

Thang #3 – Lined up on Right Field Line

Bear Crawled with Tankpons to Center Field ; 15 Murkins

(Left Tankpons) Sprint to Right Field Line, Backwards Run Back to Center field (repeated)

15 Murkins, Bear Crawl with Tankpons to Right Field Line

Finisher (2 Sets)

Circled Up on Six – Flutter Kicks IC 20; LBC’s IC – 20; Big Boys – 10

Sprint to Left Field Foul Line and Back

COT – Golf Scramble for #Vince (WeedWacker’s Son) on September 22nd at Tanglewood GC. 6 Team Spots are available. Details to Follow on Slack.

Prayer- If our workouts aren’t the hardest part of day, may the Lord give you the strength to push through your battles.

Q Message to PAX- Thank You For Making Me Better.

The Early Birds Got-


Bear Crawl



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