Bob Ross 8/6 Incubator @ The Posh

It has been a while since I have Q’d the Posh and I wanted to get to know some of the new faces that have been showing up in the gloom. So I decided to make this workout partner oriented.

PAX: Star Child, Insano, Face, Double Down, Pork Chop, Abacus, Fanny Pack, Uncle Rico, Forced Closed, KY, Pew Pew, Dry Rub, Maxie, Dynamite, Fergie, Bob Ross (Q)

5:30am and perfect weather!

Short Disclaimer and let’s get it on!

Thang 1 Run around the parking lot to our COP location.

25 SSH

15 Abe Begoda

15 Grass Graber

25 Hillbillys

25 Mountainclimbers

Thang 2

This is where we are supposed to partner up with a unfamiliar face that is relatively the same size and weight.

5 stations

Sprint to first set of cones –

25 Incline Plank Mericans on the back of your partner. (Star Child took this instruction as pickel pounders on the back of your partner) he was corrected by Face….

Bear crawl 2nd set of cones.

25 leg throw downs while holding on to partners legs

Wheelbarrow to 3rd set of cones

Merican hand slaps x25

Wheelbarrow to last set of cones

Sitting Partner pull-ups x25

We did this workout 3 times.

Thang 3

Mosey to the Pavilion


ABC Leg raises

25 step ups

25 Gas pumps

25 Step ups

A little stretching and mumblechatter about my coaching of little boys that was misconstrued and we DONE!


16 PAX

Announcements Ruck this Sat 8pm


A friend of a HIM battling depression.


My ex-wife is raising money for a medical device that is helping with her recovery.

Thanks to everyone that has pushed me to lead and become a better person!


And off to conquer the week!


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