Crucible Pre-Blast – IronPAX Challenge Launch – 8.7.18

After several weeks of anticipation, the Iron PAx is finally here. I personally am looking forward to this challenge because I think it will push each of us to get uncomfortable and test our limits. This would be good for all of us.

After posting this morning and only seeing 34 PAX out, I know that means we will have many well-rested PAX to come out and take on the challenge tomorrow morning.

I know there will be other great opportunities to post tomorrow, but this is sure to be an exciting workout (if you have not seen it, check out Nino’s post on Slack). With that being said, am issuing a challenge to every other AO out there to see if they think they can beat the Posh Boys. If you up for the challenge, then come on out tomorrow to the Poshlands to engage in the Iron Pax with us!

Let’s see if those Mutt boys can wake up early enough to take on the challenge, or see if the Tank squad is really as strong as they say they are. Maybe the O gang will show off their strength through experience, or perhaps the new blood from St. Als or Bayside will put up a fight. Either way tomorrow morning at the Crucible will be the place to find out.


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