Pax: Kilo, Peekaboo, Flounder, PK, Tony Malito, Worm, SnowDay, Eastwood, Bob Ross, Vincent (R), Meatball, Drysdale, Crash, Aerobie (Q, YHC, etc.)

Out the door at 5:09, temperature 79° humidity 74%. Stars very visible decorating the night sky. Regular socks, shoes, workout shorts, shirt, and wearing the hoo-rag blue/gray Air Force logo emblazoned bandanna.

Mosey. Disclaimer. CofP.

1- SSH, 2- Grass grabbers, 3- copperhead squats. All I/C. 4 – Reverse plank hold, pushing down on pavement with heels. Then Hamstring Stretch. 5- Canoe position, varying arms, legs position. 6- Windshield, I/C. 7- Plank 1 min alt leg lift. 8- Alabama ass kickers, I/C. Then Outer hip stretch. 9- Merkins.

told my fellow Pax I started piano lessons in January, and my teacher has me using a metronome to keep time as I learn how to play. So I thought, why not use the metronome to keep time during a workout? If you’re doing SSH you count 1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2… Up to a count of 20 and that is 80 total. Set a metronome to 80 bpm and you have a minute of side straddle hops. Same token, if you want to hold plank for a minute, count it the same way using the metronome. If you want to hold a canoe for 45 seconds, that’s an easy conversion. Etc. I’ve been doing this at home for a few weeks and thought I would try it during a Q.

Mosey past ball field, down the hill.

Thang 1. Ones go to stone benches and Twos go to Hill. Benches: Jack Webb’s of one inclined merkin for every 4 dips. also One minute of canoe from the edge of bench. Hill: position one exercise is Bernie up the hill, lunge walk down; position two exercise will be for 200 LBCs, 100 merkins, 100 American hammers, switching as partners.

Bench Pax and Hill Pax switch.

Thang 2. Ones run the ball field with coupons (home to OF grass along first base line then follow the bases). Twos do a circuit up the steps and round the announcer tower, stopping for donkey kicks at the wall behind bleachers. Repeat till runners on field finish.

Ones and twos switch.

I had one other thang we didn’t get to – save it for next time. I thought the 45 min went by fast. Maybe it was the metronome.

CofT, announcements, intentions, prayer. No FNG’s today but looking forward to meeting new friends and HIMs who will come to F3 based on the news story.

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