I am not going to lie.  I almost pulled a Kilo sized fartsack q this am.  I signed up for this Q in early August and it slipped my mind… That is until a mid evening text on the 28th from Sadie stating he was looking forward to the workout.  Wowza.  The bigger deal is that I had been quite under the weather these past few days + a 2 year old with a persistent fever means I was planning to continue to give my body some rest.  Yes,  I not only would’ve not known I was Q, I would have fartsacked the workout as well.  That combined with an early morning fartsack text from a under the weather methane means our F3 system backup would have failed as well.  Geepers.  Thanks @dwindhorst (Sadie)

All that aside, I think it turned out to be a good workout.  I really like the last q I did where we did interval training in between runs around the parking lot, so I decided to roll with it.

PAX: Sadie, iceman, forced close,  endo, valdez, old bay, pew pew, gypsy, huggies, jitterbug, dynomyte, thumbtack, maxi, nino

Q: Glauc

Mosey around closest parking lot x 2

COT:  30 SSH , Plank stretching, 30 SSH, Plank stretching, 7 cobra merkins,  15 Merkins

Thang (s)

mosey around same parking lot with 40 (ish) yard sprint (AYG).  Mosey back to COT area

1:4 Merkin/shoulder tap (from 1:4 to 10:40)  it had been a while.. this is not easier.  had breaks after 6:24 , 8:32.

mosey  (as described above)

30 sec interval leg work  (all the exercises had 7 sec break between)  isolated leg squat, isolated leg squat jump, isolated leg squat (other leg), isolated leg squat jump (other leg), sumo squats (deep), sumo squat jumps

We repeated this for a second go around

mosey (as described above)

30 sec plank/merkin work  (all exercises had 7 sec break between)  plank builds, elbow plank hold, side plank, side plank (other side), merkins, elbow plank.

repeated another round (exchanged side planks for pickle smashers and hammerheads)

COT was great.  Learned about Jitterbug, Valdez and Old Bay name origin.

Thanks to you fine HIMS for making me a better father/ husband and person in my community

Glauc OUT!untitled  thank you Sadie.



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