9/7 Backblast #starcourse Ruck training

Star Course is drawing near and the team needs to log a big one. We all agreed to tackle 25 at night over 7 hours. Last night was the night.

Meeting point – St. Matthews Baptist Church. New App downloaded with numerous checkpoints to hit across town. Starting time 2100.

Text from PK at 8:50, Omaha, Omaha, running solo. Kilo is out, got to be at home with the fam. Totally understandable, family comes first. I text’d him back to say we could run last night short and he said he’d be fine and for us to go ahead and do the route.

PAX: OJ, Skid, PK

Weather: 75 degrees/rainy – poured on us at multiple times throughout the night.

We took off and headed straight towards Trinity High School. When we got there, mass loads of green were exiting the stadium (sorry Skid). Male won.

The route then included a stroll through Beechwood Village, Bowling Blvd to Brown Park, Dutchmans to Seneca Gardens, Cherokee Park to Bardstown Rd (at this point we’re getting into the evening and the looks you get from people drinking at bars becomes priceless).

Took Bardstown Rd all the way to the NuLu area, past Slugger Field and back towards the Big Four Bridge. River Road all the way to Zorn. Up and around some suspect streets down behind lower Brownsboro Rd. I made an audible on the route to keep us safe.

Hit up Frankfort (3am – Porcini’s was popping), hmm…what could be going on in the booths late at night at Porcini’s? Took the route around Mary T. Meagher back to Frankfort.

**As we were approaching St. Matthews, we noticed the front windows had been busted out at the Chenoweth Animal Hospital at the corner of Bauer. I called the St. Matthews police and reported it.

Finished up the stretch down Breckenridge back to Grandview to the church. 25 miles.

I paused all of our stops so our overall time was about 7.5 hours. Our rucking clock came in at 6:50.  We’d take 3-5 min after every 5 mile checkpoint.

Our feet were all on fire at this point and we could all take solace in the fact that we’ll all be carrying 20 lbs at the Star Course. Last night we were all still packing 30.

The success rate of the Star Course is about 40% and I feel confident that we’ll get it completed. The app we have will navigate our checkpoints and get us in the least amount of mileage possible.

Told the guys at about 4am, this is something that if you’d told me two years ago I’d be doing, I would’ve laughed and mocked the idea. Now it’s something I look forward to in helping myself and the others get better and step out side of comfort zones.


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