The Incubator 9.10.18 Backblast

I checked the weather Sunday night and was excited to see low humidity and a cool 60 degrees on tap for the gloom.  4:50am came quick but I surprising sprung out of bed and looked forward to leading the pax this am.

PAX 23

MaCafee, Big Bird, Star Child, Donut, BitCoin, Flounder, Newman, Dryrub, Iceman, Double Down, Forrest Closed, Uncle Rico, Vincent, Retainer, Jitterbug, Maxi, Dynamite, Thumbtack, Abacus, Fanny Pack, (FNG Spalding) (FNG Double Bougs) Bob Ross Q

After the disclaimer we mosey to the parking lot


SSH x 20

Abe Bigoda x 20

Grass Grabbers x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Hillbilly x 20

The px counts of in 2’s and we create 2 lines to Indian sprint to the rock bridge.

Pair up in 2’s and one person grabs a rock to run up the bridge & do 5 Burpess while the other does an exercise.

100 Derkins

200 Dips

300 SSH

400 Lunges (most of us didn’t get to this)

After this we mosey back for some Mary

Plank until the pax returns

Reverse plank 20 sec leg raises

25 gas pumps

20 Peter parkers

Back to plank and a little yoga mixed in.



We held namorama intentions around the flag and welcomed are 2 new Pax members Spalding and Double Bougs to the group.

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