9.15.18 Black Ops at the County-Back Blast


One year ago Abacus was in full on HL mode. It’s hard to say just how many men he brought to F3 since he joined early September of 2017. But I know of at least two. Myself and Cochran. First post: 9.16.2017. And although, for me, it’s debatable whether his communication skills or my listening skills were lacking prior to NOR at the COT but I may not be the same bird as a Phoenix as I find that I am as your BigBird(story soon to be posted on howdidigetmyF3name). And when it came to reflecting on the past year, the beat downs I’ve endured and the bonds that I have formed, it seemed only right that my good friend Cochran run this Q with me for our F3versary.
We spoke briefly on Thursday prior to, to make sure we had some assemblance of a plan, and I left feeling giddy with excitement to see what he had up his sleeve.
Saturday morning, a perfect 71 degree start. Cochran had shown up about 10 minutes early to meet Double Down and Spin Doctor(DR from Cape Fear NC). Yours truly rolled in hot in part due a late night and a few too many libations. 7:00 already and time to roll! Cochran would take the first half and started us off with a mosey around the St. Al’s campus to end up behind the chapel for COP
(Btw, it was at this point I hear a shuffle of footsteps behind me. Welcome Mama’s Boy! Mad kudos for waking up late and instead of giving in to the fart sack, threw on some gear and hustled to meet up with us!)
20 Abe Vagodas IC
20 Grass Grabbers IC
Kendra Newman’s forward and back

Mosey to the Green Space and gear up for Thang 1: DORA
Partner 1 runs the width of the field while partner 2 does Derkins on the bench

Mosey to the playground for Thang 2:
0726 at the playground and Cochran has partner 1 doing as many pull ups as possible while partner 2 moseys to get a coupon. When partner 2 gets back PAX switches and partner 1 gets a coupon of their own. Once partner 1 gets back it is 0733 and Cochran says, “that’s my time and I figured BigBird would want to do coupon work.” Normally he would be right but today it was not on the Weinke. I would incorporate somehow but for now…it’s Big Bird’s turn! Let’s get it on!
10 Boyo’s followed by 10 Big Boy Sit-ups. Now incorporating the coupon we would mosey to the lot behind the chapel with coupons over head.
Circle up and listen to Run(I’m a Natural Disaster) by Gnarles Barkley. For the duration of the song, we would do SSH and every time we would hear “Run” we would drop for a burpee (27 times in total) Feelin smoked we took 60 seconds for a cool down.
Walk to the hill and on the incline did clock merkins. At 12 o’clock 5 merkins IC. rotate to 3 o’clock rinse and repeat at 6,9 and again at 12.
Recover and head to the circle.
Jack Webb squat and lunges. We would get to 8 and 32 before running short on time.
Return the coupons and mosey back to the flags for some Mary.
Mary: plank while each PAX recited their ABC’s one at a time.
Gas Pumps: 15 IC
Freddie Mercuries: 15 IC

Mama’s Boy
Double Down (R)
Dot (welcome back!)
Spin Doctor (DR)
Big Bird(Q)

Special intentions for Fungi’s mother-in-law
We were honored to host Spin Doctor who is staying with his Brother-in-law while he is in refuge from the hurricane. Special intentions go out to his family in Cape Fear and to all of those who have found themselves in the path of Florence. My the Sky Q keep them safe!
On this, my F3versary, I am blessed to have this group! I know I am a better man for the relationships I have established and for the workouts I have pushed through.
I’d like to end with Cochran’s closing statements and his quote from Winston Churchill. “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” Cochran went on to thank the PAX for pushing and supporting him and asked that we all keep an eye out for those that are going through their own hell and to be a true HIM and do what you can to help them through it. “After all,” he says, “You don’t have to go through hell alone!”

Until next time…


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