BBlast – the Ruiner @the”O”

A little late on the back blast but that does not detract  from the work that was completed on Saturday by 12 HIMs.   Cutlass and YHC co-Q’d a Saturday beat-down.  Cutlass led the first 30 minutes while I covered the back half.  The following PAX accepted the challenge on Saturday:

Seabass, Nugget, Duplo, Ant Man, Diablo, Yo Adrian (NC visitor), Red Roof, Peroni, Aerobie, Loco, Cutlass and Vincent.

Warm UP – Mosey long way around to the tennis courts for SSH’s, Abe Vagoda’s. Arm Circles and Imperial Walkers.

Thang 1 – Dora with coupons.  We partnered up on the soccer field for 100 Overhead presses, 200 rows and 300 curls.  Partner 1 starts the reps and partner 2 sprints to the opposite side of the field for 4×1 burpees (burpee with 4 merkins).  4/1’s ascended to 5 then back down to 1 while the coupon counts progressed.  My biceps still hurt.

Thang 2 – moved to the walls by the restrooms for dips.  50 a man completed the Cutlass portion of the workout.

Thang 3 – mosey to Cogan’s corner for some crazy 8’s.  Top of the hill – lunges (each leg 1/2) and squat jacks at the bottom of the hill.  8 of each, then 7, 6 and so on until complete. We wrapped up the hill work with lunges from top to bottom and Bernie Sanders back to the top.

Thang 4 – 7 minute plank challenge.  30 seconds of an exercise utilizing the plank  position as the base for the movement.  The order is listed below.

Elbow Plank
Shoulder Taps
Peter Parker
Pickle Pounder
Catalina Wine Maker’s
Plank Jack
Right Arm UP
Left Arm Up
Mountain Climbers
Leg Raise
Elbow Plank

Thang 5 – Mary work including what else – DaVinci’s (slow), pretzel crunches and heel touch crunches.

Finished with some light stretching and moseyed back to the flag for COT, intentions and prayers.  Yo Adrian was our guest for the morning, in from NC to work the instant replay for the UL/Western game.   Thanks to the PAX who made it out for a challenging workout.  Until next time – SYITG.

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