BB Norton Commons 9/7/18

Apologies to those pax listed here for the late post. First you procrastinate, then you forget, then you’re just ashamed. Lesson learned, don’t put off your BB’s. Some new faces in the pax for me so thanks for coming out. Pax: Jitterbug, Steerage, Chestnut, Mud Bug, Peroni, Buschhh, Swifty, Glen Ross and Zima-Q.

Warm Up: Mosey from the flag for a round about trip to the pond for some warm-ups. Sorry, details are a little fuzzy two weeks later.

Thang 1

Partner 1- Bernie Sanders from amphitheater up walkway and then up to top of grassy knoll. Do BOYOS and mosey back. Partner 2 – 10 Decline Merkins, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Regular Merkins AMRAP until partner returns. Repeat for three rounds.

Thang 2

Partner 1 – Lunge Walk to amphitheater row, hop up. Lunge Walk to next row, hop up and on up for eight rows. Do 10 Bobby Hurley’s and mosey back down amphitheater rows.

Partner 2 – Again, the details are fuzzy, but I’m certain it was hard.

Thang 3

7 minute 30 second Tabata

Round 1: 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

SSH’s, Al Gores, Merkins, Crunches, Step-Ups, Squats, Dips, Plank, Hi Knees, Lunges, Rotating Merkins, Side Plank

Rest 1 minute.

Round 2: Pax take turns calling out increased intensity variations on same exercises from Round 1. I recall the one-legged Al Gores we’re almost impossible. ALMOST!

Time’s up and we circle back for announcements and COT. Thanks again for this group and a thousand apologies for the extremely late BB. These things are important.

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