The County- St. Aloysius Pewee Valley

Wx- KSDF 250856Z 18010KT OVC013 22/21 A3002

Thats light winds out of the South overcast skys and 72 degs with lots of humidity for those of you that don’t speak pilot code.

24 Pax showed up for my VQ. Amelia Q, Tool Time, Nino, Cochran, Jitter Bug (R), Fungi, Iceman(R), Abacus, Viking, Stormtrooper,Gilligan, Drum Roll, Double Down(R), Training Wheels, Retainer, Valdez, Big Bird, McAfee, Airplane, Mamma’s Boy, Alexa, Meter Maid, Bulletin and 1 FNG Bert Griffin (Cold Call).

0530 Disclaimers and Amelia said he was a little hungover from Monday night football and that today would be an easier workout. Started out with a fast paced mosey around the church and school.


In cadence

Abe Vigotas 15

Grass Grabbers 10

Imperial Walkers 15

Arm circles

Sidestraddle hops 65

Thang 1

Split the Deck

Got coupons and divided into 2 groups. Both groups got 26 cards each. Each person drew a card and did the number of reps of each card drawn. Spades =thrusters, Clubs=lunges, Hearts=decline Merkins, Diamonds=arm curls. Example: 10 of clubs drawn= 10 lunges with coupon. One pax in each group drew a Joker and had to Bear Crawl half length of parking lot and crab walk back while rest of pax did coupon rows until they returned. After finishing deck of cards coupons were returned and all pax did full out sprint to soccer field for more!

Thang 2

Partner one did Amrap dips while parter two sprinted full width of soccer field. Partner two Bernie Sanders back to benches while partner one did Amrap decline Merkins. Then we switched and did it again.


In cadence

Plank Jacks

Flutter kicks


Big boy situps

Pickle pounders

Reverse pickle pounders (didn’t work out like I had envisioned them)


Name o’rama

FNG came forward and got his name. Cold Call was agreed upon almost immediately.

Announcements- Alexa VQ at the Posh tomorrow 9/26.


Final prayer

Had a great first Q and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to all who came to support me.

Amelia out

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