9/29 TheHurt Backblast #KiloBreakfast

A911E7E7-8C07-4590-8185-CB248C93AF76YHC heard all types of chatter about Digiorno bribing for PAX turnout at The Ruiner. He was offering beer to anyone who completed the 60 min. Beat down.  ISI brother, I see your beer and raise you a full breakfast spread!

Sausage, Cheese eggs, biscuits, sausage gravy, fruit, yogurt, coffee cake, granola, OJ

However before we got to the spread we had to earn it!  And boy did we.

1. Kilo
2. Plumb bob
3. Noxeema
4. Cornbread
5. Fridge
6. OJ
7. Deuce
8. Wham!
9. Left eye
10. Gepetto
11. Wham-o
12. Miyagi
13. Windshield
14. PED
15. Blueprint
16. Pepperoni
17. Jitterbug


Quick warm up

10 Abes

15 Grass Grabbers

20 Walkers

25 SSH


Mosey around school circle up for Ab or Ramma (Kilo and Glauc signature)


Then we mosey up to a sign that reads

3 Laps (around track)

15 burpess

50 Lunges

50 Squats

50 Merkins

15 burpees



Asked pax to partner up with someone of your general fitness level and asked to stay with your partner and push each other.


At 07:55 pax circled up for some yoga led by Cornbread.  (Before i asked him if he had children)



Asked Cornbread to take us out in prayer.

Then YHC asked over biscuits and Gravy if he had any children (Cornbread is a Catholic priest) It was a brain fart ill attribute to the exhaustion of the workout.  Tons of great 2nd F during breakfast, a great way to start Saturday!

Thanks mutts for letting me lead!





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