Backblast – 11/3 BlackOps at Big Four Station in Southern Indiana

I want to begin with a heartfelt thanks to Geppetto and Methane for their head-locking efforts here on the sunny side. They have added more FNGs over a few weeks than I did in an entire summer and it is sincerely appreciated.  As anyone who has worked out over here knows, the Big Four Station site offers a multitude of options, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this and other potential Southern Indiana sites grow over the next year.

PAX: April, Cher, Puddin’, Mr. Whipple, Bottle Rocket, Grinder (Q)

We started with a very short mosey around the field then warmed up in COP with 25 SSHs, 25 Imperial Walkers, 25 Hillbillies, Downward Dog, Runner’s Stretch, and 20 Grass Grabbers.

Next we went the length of the park doing box jumps on the concrete platforms while alternating between bear crawls, karaoke, and Mario to get from platform to platform. This led us to the base of the bridge stairs, which we proceeded to climb by lung-walking up, two steps at a time.

Once at the top of the bridge, it was time for the BLAME game. I stole this acronym from Zoo’s Q earlier in the week: B is for Burpees (5), L is for Lunges (10), A is for American Hammers (15), M is for Merkins (20) and E is for Elevators (25). We moseyed across the bridge, from Indiana to Kentucky, stopping to do a full set of all exercises at every other split. On the way back across, we again stopped at every other split, but this time a member of the PAX would call out an exercise and we’d do 10 reps.  Mr. Whipple called out Burpees, Puddin’ called Squat Jumps, and I have to admit, I was too delirious from running to remember what April called out for the last set, but rest assured it was something hard.

Once back to Indiana, we did an AYG run down to the bottom of the ramp and circled up for Mary – 25 LBCs, 25 Flutter Kicks, 10 V-Ups, 10 Big Boys, and 25 Freddie Mercury’s. Sufficiently spent and out of time, the PAX circled up for COT, made our intentions then parted ways to go conquer the weekend. This is a great group of HIMs that have started coming every week and I’m excited to see how this area grows.

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