BackBlast 11/8/2018 TheBigKabowski @ Bayside

It was a great morning at Bayside. Thanks to the PAX who came out! A bit cool, but we warmed right up.

See my pre-blast for insight on this workout.

Mosey the long way around to the courtyard.

PAX: Glaucoma, Shuttlecock (R), Fannypack (R), Charolais (R), Sadie (Q)

COP: SSH 30 (IC), Abe Vigoda 20 (IC), Grass Grabbers 20 (IC), Plank Stretch into 10 Merkins

I switched things up a bit from my original workout as we had an odd number and just a few of us. Mosey to coupons and to front parking lot.

Thang 1, 2, and 3: Four Corners- each corner of the parking lot was a WO. Completed together and brisk mosey to next corner.

Corners were mary, coupons, merkins, and wild card each PAX chose something here.

Corner 1- 30 Flutter Kicks (IC), 30 LBCs (IC), 30 Freddie Mercury (IC)

Corner 2- 25 Coupon Curls, 25 Coupon Curls Half Up/Half Down, 25 Shoulder Presses, 25 Rows. We rinsed and repeated this each time we came to this corner.

Corner 3- 30 Plank Builds (IC), 30 Angle Grinders (IC), 15 Yard Aligator Merkin Walk

Corner 4- 30 Jump Squats, 10 Surfees, 20 Jump Lung Squats.

Name-o-rama, Count-o-rama, COT.

Intentions were spoken and we closed in prayer.

Until next time…


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