PreBlast – November Ruck Abacus Q 11/16/18 8:30PM Seneca Park Basketball Courts

Join Abacus for an urban hike (RUCK) through the park as we get better!

Starting point – Seneca Park Basketball Courts

Time – 8:30 Sharp

Ending point – TBD

Charity / Good Works – We all have been impacted by cancer in one way or another. Many cancer patients benefit from transfusions of blood, platelets, or plasma. The need for blood products is constant and the Red Cross is always in need. On the honor system, please visit the Louisville Red Cross and sign up to give blood (whole blood or power red), platelets, or plasma. It’s an easy way to make someone’s day or help save a life!

During the Holiday Season the Red Cross experiences a shortage of donors, please help!

Packing List:

Ruck sack

Standard weight 20/30 depending on weight (modify as necessary)

Water even though it will be cold make sure to drink

Reflective strips for pack / glow stick for pack

Headlamp (we will largely be on the road so you won’t need it too much; the boogey man will not be out looking for us)

Photo ID and quitter cash (no one is going to quit. You may complain, but you won’t quit)


Windbreaker to stay warm after we get in the creek (just kidding or maybe not)

Dry bag to stow your after ruck gear (this must be PK’s secrete)

Positive attitude!

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