Still hurtin’ from The Hurt

Q: Nugget, Vincent

PAX Deuce

Glen ross


Left eye










Gearlander: (do I really need to do this? I mean Zoo wasn’t there. Hell, maybe he reads it and adds it to the costume list for F3 Louisville: the musical.) Reebok cold gear long sleeve, black and tights, white. Gray shorts of no concequence except for covering the retreating valuables. F3 short sleeve, swift wick socks and mizuno kicks.

I had something I wanted to reboot and after some reconnaissance, I found out that the Mutt was the perfect spot. I have Qd there a few times, but never on a Saturday. It was time to bring my “talents” to the Hurt.

As YHC arrived, Deuce was out of his car peering through the fog. My first thought was, no one is ever this early at The Mutt (it was 6:45). Little did I know that there was some EC scheduled. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I had to do some set up and I couldn’t run a mile Pre WO. Damn…

As the time approached, we had 9 strong and I disclaimed I have maintained ametuer status, and that I would persuade the Pax to do some movements.

We headed to the big parking lot for COP

Abe Vigodas IC

Copperhead squats IC

Kendra Newmans

During the latter, Tiger showed us that a Kendra Newman Mosey is a thing. We stretched a little and it was time.

Thang 1 Fight Gone Bad

I have done this one time before and Deuce remembered as I explained. His groans convinced me, I had a solid start to the Weinke.

3 rounds of

AMRAP thrusters w coupon for 1 min

AMRAP sumo Deadlift high pull w coupon for 1 min

AMRAP Box Jumps for 1 min

AMRAP push press for 1 min

AMRAP burpees for 1 min

1 minute of rest

This is a killer. You v You and all out effort. If we were at a crossfit bar x, that would be the entire workout for the day. In fact, they have a day every year that everyone does this and posts their scores. I can state that I am sore as hell.

As we hit the last round of Burpees, we had some visitors from the O. Props to Buschhhh, Wham! And Vincent for running the 2.5 miles and joining us for the remaining Weinke.

Thang 2

Broke up into 5 groups and headed to the cones I had set up.

Station 1 merkins

Station 2 squats

Station 3 SSH

Station 4 LBC

Station 5 bear crawl from 4-5 and AYG back to 1.

We did this for 3 rounds. I got some solid ticket buying advice from Whamm-o and motivation from Buschhhh.

Thang 3 Duck, Duck, F3

Circled up and each on calls an exercise while, they make their way around the perimeter. Some even Bear crawled. These guys are always looking to crank it up a notch.

Thang 4 yes we were still going.

1/2 Dora. We partnered up and did a Dora of 50 merkins, 100 squats, and 150 LBCS. P2 would Sprint to the last cone and Bernie Sanders back.

My watch must have stopped for a while bc we still weren’t finished. YHC yielded the rest of the time to Vincent for some Mary to take us out.

Thang 5

Davinci/Freddie Mercury Jack Webb.

This is what has made getting out of bed a challenge the last 24 hours. I am Convinced that Vincent has a dungeon and makes his kids do all these things. If they survive, he unleashes it on us.

Headed to the flag for


Announcements made about HIMs giving, Thanksgiving workouts, and coffeeteria. Prayers for those close to us in need.

Thanks to everyone for letting me lead and putting in the effort. We did a hell of a lot for one workout.

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