BO Ruck. Back Blast. Calling an Audible: Here Comes a Millennial Ruck. Sorry, Abacus. 11.16.2018.

It was approximately 5:30pm, on Friday, 11/16/2018. I hopped into my car, and I was off to Mad Cow’s house to pick up his rucksack that he lent me for the big November Ruck Event. I was getting pumped thinking about all the mumble chatter around what the Abacus ruck would entail. I was excited, nervous, and the adrenaline was in full force. On top of that I was excited to see all the guys like Kilo, Mama’s Boy, Alexa, and Diablo who I hadn’t seen since Convergence at The Posh or longer. Not to mention the power at my house was out still after hearing 3 transformers blow during Deuce’s Extender Q on Thursday morning, so the night would be well spent considering I couldn’t spend the night binging Netflix.


As I was headed home from picking up Mad Cow’s rucksack I got a text saying that the power was on, and that only made the night that much better knowing that after the post ruck debauchery was over I would be able to get a hot shower without having to use a flashlight at whatever hour of the night I happened to return. Once home I began packing  my ruck with the essentials of Gu energy packs, a water bladder, and a windbreaker I shot Maize a quick text to see if he wanted to meet at my house, a block away from The Mutt, and ruck to The O to meet up with the guys. Get some extra credit in since rumor had it that Abacus was going to leave us with nothing left to give.


He arrived at my house around 8:05pm, as I was finalizing my preparations. After I gathered my headlamp, gloves, and hoo rag we headed out. We passed Heine Brothers’, Molly Malone’s, and Graeter’s Ice Cream as we headed down Willis Ave. 3/4 of the way down the road Maize points out that we are already 7 minutes late. I screwed up. I for some reason believed the ruck started at 8:45pm, and not 8:30pm. Needless to say, the 15 minutes I had mapped out for us to get to The O was by no means enough time.


As we double timed it down Willis Ave, and to the top of the loop of The O, we received a call from Kilo asking where the hell we were. I said we were almost there, and prayed that they were headed towards the tennis courts. They weren’t. We got to the basketball courts and realized that they were far gone. Maize and I weren’t sure what to do, so I called a ride to pick us up and prayed that I could get ahold of someone so we could meet up and finish the event with them.


We eventually got ahold of Alexa, and were told they were headed to Big Rock. Our ride dropped us off, and off there after circling the area looking for the PAX. After 5-10 minutes of debating what we should do we decided to do our own ruck event, and hopefully meet them at the end of the night for some 2rd F laughs and brews.

Since Maize is still new to Louisville I Q’d our audible Millennial Ruck. I asked him if he wanted to do a park route or neighborhood ruck, and he said park so off we went. I took us up some hills toward Scenic Loop. We hit some nice hills, and had some great conversations. As we were rucking I had a thought and asked if he was interested in seeing a chapel along the way. We are both Catholic so I thought it would be a great way to also get a bit of 3nd F in while we ventured around town.


We cut through the park until we hit the Daniel Boon statue on Eastern Parkway. From there we rucked across Bardstown Rd, and down to Norris Pl, where we turned left and headed towards Bellarmine University. Once we got there we made our way through campus (praying that campus security wouldn’t be too sketched out by two guys in dark clothing, headlamps, and rucks on walking around late at night). We went down and up the large hill to the chapel on campus, where we removed our rucks and hoo rags to pay some respects to the Big Man Upstairs. After a short time in individual prayer, we gathered our belongings and off we went.


We made our way back through campus as some students looked upon us with suspicion, however our prayers were answered and security never stopped us. Maize and I went back down Norris Pl, to Eastern Parkway, and when we made it to the corner of Badstown Rd, and Eastern Parkway we were heckled by a guy in his car wearing a fedora, as he blared some trap music and most likely blew out his speakers with the bass levels.


After that we quickly made our  way to the Daniel Boone statue once more before heading up to Dog Hill. As we made our way up the hill Maize felt that Gu pack, and he double timed it up the second half of the way. When I caught up to him we decided that it was already 11:04pm, and we still had at least an hour walk back to Molly Malone’s in St. Matts where Alexa told us they were heading to after finishing up, so we called an Uber. While we waited for our ride, we knocked out 10 x Man Makers (on your own), 25 x Curls (on my count), and then a squat burnout with our rucks on until our ride arrived. We ended at approximately 8.2 miles according to my Run Keeper.


The über driver was a member of the US Army out of Fort Knox, and drives just to make some extra cash on the side. His M and their kid(s) live in Houston, so he takes a flight around twice a month to see them. He is headed/already left to see them for the Thanksgiving. It made me realize how fortunate I am to have the life I live. This is man sacrifices everything for country, and has done so for 20 years. He is moving to Houston to be with his family for his final tour before retiring this summer. As Thanksgiving fast approaches this week, and Veteran’s Day just behind us, let us be Thankful for the men and women who serve our country selflessly. They sacrifice everything so that we may reap the benefits of freedom. To all of our F3 Brothers who serve in any branch of our Armed Forces, thank you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.


As we got dropped off we still had not heard if the PAX had finished or not, so we walked into Molly’s but couldn’t find anyone. We reached out, and Alexa let us know they were passing the basketball courts at The O, and he believed (and hoped) they we were heading our way. So we decided to make our way to Gerstle’s where we had a cold one and waited for the PAX as we sat around a fire pit. After a quick, but refreshing round  we headed back to Molly’s. As we were approaching the side door along Breckenridge Lane, I notices a group of headlights and a flag. After 3 hours, we found the PAX. We hurried over where we welcomed with well deserved hell and jokes. We waited for them to knock out their count off and name-o-rama, and then were graciously welcomed into the COT by our Brothers.


As for the rest of the night, well you will just have to ask around.


Signing off,


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