“Ring of Fire” Backblast- North Posh 12.3.18

The weather was perfectly cool and dry which quickly heated up by the Ring of Fire.  Eight Brave men took to the challenge of an early morning beatdown.  The Pax seemed apprehensive and anxious while walking up to the start of North Posh with Jonny Cash rocking throughout the morning air.  Dunphy eased the fears and instructed the Pax about the battle laid out before us and the plan that would ensure the success of this mission.

The Few and Proud Pax Members: Catfish , Banana Hands, Huggies, Iceman, Jitterbug, Gypsy, Dunphy, Borland

The Warm up: .25 Mile Run, 30 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Grass Grabber, 15 Push ups, and Shoulder Stretches

The Ring of Fire – Rope Battle X2 (AMRAP), Merkins (AMRAP), Burpees (AMRAP), SQUATS w/ Cinder Block (AMRAP), Thrusters w/ Cinder Block (AMRAP), Kettlebell Swings (35 LB, AMRAP),  1/2 Mile Run (with a 40 LB Weighted Vest).

The Pax was able to complete the entire Evolution and each exercise was completed within 4-5 Minutes (the time allotted to completed the 1/2 Mile Run) .  Great work by my Boys this morning.

Circle of Trust: We prayed for Double Down, Abacus’s M, and Jitterbug’s son.

I also want to remind everyone of the BURPEE Challenge that will be completed on Christmas Eve Morning to Benefit the Courage Foundation.  The Courage Foundation’s goal is to raise awareness of and funding for programs that help veterans with PTS. On average 22 veterans are committing suicide daily.

We will send out a Blast to all the Pax tomorrow including more details.  However, this will be a great opportunity to challenge yourself and benefit all of our Military Vets that  face so many challenges during and after their Military Service.

–  Dunphy

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