Hold On: The O BB to honor #doubledown ⭐️👶

Hold on.

Hold on to hope.  

Hold on to your faith.  

Hold on to your family.  

Hold on to your brothers.  

Just hold on.

These are the words that came to mind as I Qed this morning, as we, the F3 Nation, focused our intentions for our good friend Double Down.  As I am typing this, he is prepping for surgery to remove a tumor between is heart and lung.  A big one, albeit benign.  This is not a small surgery.  As hard of a workout we (1,000s of HIMS throughout the nation) had this morning, it’s nothing compared to what this HIM is about to endure.  His strength is an incredible beacon in the F3 Louisville region.  A kind and strong leader who makes the darkness of the Gloom bright every morning I see him.   And I can’t wait to see him back.

I wasn’t sure what to post as a backblast on such a monumental day.  Honestly, the 100s of tweets from around the nation, each F3 HIM with an Ace of Spades in hand, say more than I can express.  Thanks to all of F3 Nation for the ode to this man.  Double Down’s strength has forged a bond with all of us.  So as redundant as this BB may be, it’s my way of reminding myself to hold on, and for DD to hold on to hope, faith, and love he has for all of us.   We will continue to hold on to you, my friend.

I was fortunate enough to Q at the O in Louisville this morning.  To pay my respects to Double Down was not challenging throughout this workout, but it was a rough one, regardless.


Double Down is 52, so I avoided my typical 100 SSH for 4 exercises with 13 reps in our COP

      13 Hand Release Merkins

      13 Copperhead Squats

      13 CDD

      13 BOYOS

Thang #1- DOUBLE UP!

Warmed up, we moseyed on over to the tennis courts for some double down suicides

  • Merkin Suicide, with 5, 10, 20, 40 merkins at each turn

  • Plank Jack Suicide, with 5, 10, 20, 40 PJs at each turn

  • Star Child Jump Suicide (Squat jump and yelling “I’M A STAR!” per squat), with 5, 10, 20, 40 SCJS at each turn

Thang #2- PARTNER UP!

Grab a partner for wall squats, while the other runs around the courts, lunging past the long side of the four courts

Do it again!

Thang #3- SADDLE UP!

Jack Webb, with an extra 11/44 round for our brother DD.


With minutes to spare, we did 4X13 of the following

  • Gas Pumps

  • SC Marches
  • American Hammers
  • V Ups

With that, we were done.  Thanks to all 15 who joined me this morning.  It was an inspiration.  DD, you are in my thoughts and prayers today.  Hold on, brother.  We are there for you.  Because you have always been there for us.



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