Kentuckiana Pre-Blast

Come out for a double dose of Plumb Bob.

  1. Saturday (12-8-18) morning at the Floyd County 4-H Fairgrounds.  It will be mostly Indiana HIMs but for those of you from Kentucky, y’all can hitch up the wagon and head over yonder for a boot scootin’ good time.
  2. Monday (12-10-18) morning BO at The O.  Here it will be mostly Kentucky Folk so I’ll try to remember to talk slow and not use many big words.  Indiana HIMs are also welcome and encouraged to attend.

In all seriousness (that means I’m not making jokes), hope to see as many people as possible at one or maybe both sites.  We will work hard, have some fun, and get better.

Also, Grinder and I are meeting at 5:30 AM Saturday at the 4-H for a ruck before the WO if anyone would like to attend.


Plumb Bob

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