BB: BO @ Bayside.. 12/11/18

A little chat with Sadie on Monday led to call a BO on Tuesday for Bayside..  Not a whole lot of time, inspiration for this one, so I pulled out the “meet in the middle ” routine from a few Saturday’s ago and moved the music to Xmas style.

Glauc Q  :    Charlois, Fanny Pack, Thumbtack  (Sadie called in with the sniffles and a head cold 😦 )

Mosey to rear of school.

25 SS H (IC), plank stretching (finishing with twerkins), 15 Hillbilly walkers (IC), hamstring stretch (hold), 20 Merkins (Single count)

Mosey to portico (front of school)

Meet in the Middle

“Little Drummer Boy” Pentatonix  –  P1/P2 start at opposite sides (about 60 yards apart) , run to the middle, 8 boo ya merkins, Bernie sanders back, 2 burpees.. repeat entire song

1 minute interval .  1) Ace/ Garys  2) ace / garys (switch partners)  3) flutter kicks

“O come all ye faithful”  Lauren Daigle.  P1/P2 start 60 yards apart,  run to middle, 6 Mexican jumping bean squats, Bernie back, 2 (total) bonnie blairs, repeat entire song

30 sec interval:  1) elbow plank 2) Merkins 3) supermans 4) side plank hold 5) same side leg raise 6) side plank hold 7) same side side leg raise 8) unilateral hip thruster  9) opposite leg hip thruster

” Have yourself a Merry little Christmas ” Lauren Daigle   Same as above,  in the middle do 10 boo ya planks, Bernie back,  1 burpee,  repeat entire song..

mosey back to flag, parking lot

Announcements, Intentions, prayers…

Glauc OUT!

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