12/12 Backblast The Mutt #theblender

Realized the other day that I hadn’t posted at the Mutt in weeks.  I checked the calendar and there was an opening on the 12th.  Perfect, I’ll make my return and Q the Blender.  FF to today.

Weather – MUCH warmer that yesterday, holy cow it was cold yesterday.  37 degrees today, clear and crisp.

Q – OJ

PAX:  Captain Insaneo, Buschhhhh, Pepperoni, Escort, Big Bird, Pope, Sump Pump, Grinder, Plum Bob, Fridge, Wham!,Digiorno, 

Mosey around the school to the portico area

20 Grass Grabbers IC


20 SSHs IC


10 Slow Merkins IC


* Native American Run down Brookfield to Leland and back – PAX in back would drop for one burpee and sprint to the front – almost knocked on Zartan’s door but decided to pass.

* Box Jump Inchworm – PAX would plank up a couple of feet apart and each person would box jump the row and then plank up.  Repeated this twice.  Because hey, it’s not like Wham! and I did any box jumps yesterday with Diablo…woooooooooooooooof, still feeling that one.

*Partners and coupons (this is my 843rd consecutive Q with an odd number of PAX) 

P1 – Coupon Curls AMRAP

P2 – 20 Dips

P1 – 20 Coupon Thrusters

P2 – Decline Plank

P1 – Coupon Squats AMRAP

P2 – 20 Box Jumps (why do I keep doing these)

P1 – Coupon Bench Press AMRAP

P2 – Runs to the Portico and back (Buschhhhh and CI wanted to go all the way around the school but I diverted them)

P1 – Coupon Swings AMRAP

P2 – Runs to the Portico and back

Returned the coupons and lined up at the edge of the driveway.  Flo Jo made us Crawl Bear up Cogan’s Cove a few weeks back and man did that suck.  I knew I’d keep that in mind for future use.

* PAX would then Crawl Bear back up the driveway heard some chatter here.

OK, that went too fast, need to fill some time.

Added the parking lot Bear Crawl/Crab Walk burpee thang.

* Each person would Bear Crawl two spaces, do a burpee, then Crab Walk two spaces, do a burpee and repeat all the way across the parking lot.  


20 Gas Pumps IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

40 Single Leg Flutters (20 each leg) IC

20 Pretzel Crunches (10 each leg) IC

30 Rosalitas IC (they thought we were stopping at 20) 😊

Back to the flag

COR/NOR – Prayers and Intentions

Thanked the Good Lord above for such a wonderful group of men.  Blessed to be a part of it all.




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