12/13/2018 – The Extender Backblast

Deuce, Blueprint, Mad Cow, Pepperoni, Wham-O, Glen Ross, Tiger, Miyagi, Zima, Digiorno, @PED and Sump Pump (Q) all made it out to The Mutt to get better. I was the third string Q filling in for Geppetto who was filling in for Mouth. Both have been bitten by the Mutt Extender Curse.

Weather: 48 degrees and overcast. Awesome for December!

5:30. We checked for FNGs. None were present. So we took a detour to grab our coupons and then circled up at the Portico.

COP included Little Arm Circles with a heel lift, SSH – 20 IC, grass grabbers – 20 IC, Downward dog and a little runner stretch.

We then headed off to do Thang 1 – Scout run – we ran from Cherrywood to Ormond to St. Matthews Ave. to Brookfield and back to the Portico. The scout sprinted ahead 10 seconds and stopped and waited for the 6 while doing SSH. PAX challenged themselves while waiting for the 6 to return to the portico.

I decided to try something new for Thang 2. Since I was the 3rd string Q, I figured I had nothing to lose. We grabbed our coupons and circled up in the back corner of the parking lot under the light closest to Geppetto’s house. The hope was that he would bring us something to drink. The COUPON BOMB is what we tried next. The PAX circled up and each passed their coupon to the HIM standing to his right. We got logged jammed in a hurry but figured it out, eventually. Once the coupon made it back to its rightful owner we all did 10 overhead presses before starting the BOMB. BOMB = (50- Burpees / 100- Overhead Claps with a heal raise / 150- Merkins / 200- Big Boy SU). The PAX paired up and P1 would run to the portico and perform 15 SSH while P2 started the BOMB exercises. P1 would run back and relieve P2. This was a team count and we played pass the coupon and did 10 overheard presses between every exercise. It took Deuce to help us figure out that only needed half the coupons to make pass the coupon a success. There was plenty of shame handed out as we passed the varying weights of the coupons around the circle.

Running short on time, we stopped the BBSU count at 100. The PAX then lined up on the parking lot center stripe facing Cherrywood in a plank position. We had the 6 bear crawl to the front of the line and yell out to the new 6 at the halfway mark. Once everyone was finished, we returned coupons and circled up.


The Toy drive continues this week. (Zartan) They need to be in by Friday. December Ruck is on the 21st.(Zartan and Buschhhhh)

Lots of intentions today. The PAX was reminded to take care of and listen to their bodies. Early detection can save a life.

@Sump Sump

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